Why Dine In Hell: The Reason behind the Madness

For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Diet and Meal examples

This is the Diet page. It traces the different meals I've been eating ever since I started the training/diet. There might be some discrepancies in there, but it was just because I felt at some point that my body wasn't reacting – or reacting badly – to the diet I was following at that point.

This page gets updated as I go along with the challenge. Keep checking for updates.

Step 1: The ALL protein Diet (Dukan – Stage 1) 

As I explained in the post The Fat Annihilating diet , this diet's purpose is to use your body's fat and carbs for energy and consequently get you skinnier. Then get your body to stabilize bit by bit in the different steps of the diet. Hey! Make sure to eat some oat bran bread or whatever that s oat bran base because you might end up constipated like i did for a long time and it's really annoying so don't fall in that trap of staying solely on protein. Start adding fibre and vegetables after 10 days maximum.

I felt the second stage of the diet took a long time to take effect. 1kg/week was too little for me and went back to my own diet – step 2 – after I had already lost around 6kgs in 10 days...

The examples below are from the 1st stage of the Dukan diet: 
First Full protein meal! Chicken Liver!! HAOUUUU!!  yeah... it's very fatty, but when you're solely on a protein diet – Dukan's – you can do it. It worked actually... Don't over do it though...
AMAZING OMELET! Check it out: ONE egg, lots of turkey, skimmed milk and chopped onions! GOD IT'S GOOD!  By the way, it's very important that you don't overdo it with egg yolk. Just one or two per 5 whites. With omelets, I usually have 6 egg whites and just 2 or 1 yolks. Yes you heard me, 6 eggs. Every egg contains around 6-8 grams of protein so 6 usually does the trick for good protein intake.

Shrimp with some spices (permitted as much as you want)
Roadsters lite chicken with eggs and turkey instead of the salad
Sugar free YET NOT FAT FREE ice cream from Bachir (vanilla, Choc and Lemon)
Oat Bran bread from Moulin d'or is the best carbs source you might ask for. It satiates you and gives you energy without peaking your insulin level which stocks excess sugars and makes you fat! :)

Dukan Diet Stage 2: Adding vegetables to the protein (mind you diet coke, gum, coffee, tea,  aspartame is allowed). The annoying part is that this diet allows you to drop around 1kgs/week only – which doesn't work for me. My next step was to add a fruit portion and some carbs (bran corn flakes) in the morning, also for better digestion. I think I'll start following Dr.Yunis' diet very soon (I'll update you about that too).

All these meals except for the steak/pasta at the end follow the Dukan stage 2 diet. I'll describe every single one of them as soon as I get out of the meeting I'm going to right now :)

Eggs, squash and fresh mint (tastes like 3ejjeh)
Amazing rocca salad with Halloumi and Chicken breast with Balsamic sauce. Oil is against the Dukan Diet but following my gym experience, it would help fat burning enzymes stay at high dose in the body.
Close to Chicken Cesar salad, I added some pickles and green pepper. No ceasar sauce though.
Adding a tuna can on a chef salad is a perfect protein dose (20grams) addition onto a meal. That was at the beach, believe me, having a tuna can with you at the beach can turn some heads.
ET VOILA! Tuna plus chef salad! No dressing if it's following the Dukan stage 2, or Lemon/oil for me ...
Steamed lettuce, carrots and CHICKEEEEEN! Ricardo Yunis is against raw vegetables and suggests boiling, steaming or grilling them.
What was left of 400grams of grilled shrimp and cauliflower. With a spray of Lemon and some hot sauce to spice things up!
Another Ceasar type salad. I play with the chicken spices and condiments – mustard, heinz ketchup (has least sugars) etc... to change the taste.
Spinach omelet!! MIAMMMMMM!! 
Definitely not part of the Dukan diet. More following the P90x suggestion and Ricardo actually. This was made Amine Helou Style (fruit and kiwi maniac): Strawberry, Kiwi, Peach and Melon mix!!! AMAAAAZING!
Smoked salmon and some boiled vegg. along with Lemon slices and Oat Bran bread for carbs!
Tuna and mushroom oat bran sandwich!! With Mustard and a LOT of diet seven up – aspartame is fine for Dukan, NOT FOR YUNIS!
Same chicken style salad but with my fruit portion in it (melon!)
That s not part of anything. My mom just made spaghetti and I didn't want to be an ASS. Meat's amazing though. Spinneys, Fillet, RARE! AMAAAAZING!
KAFTAAAAA!!!! You know what I'm gonna do?! KAFTA W JEBNEH!!! with the Oat Bran Bread, some pickles and tomatoes... no Mayo ... hmmm ... Ma3lesh ... 

200grams of Light Halloumi, with grilled eggplant! By the way, eggplant is amazing if you give it a chance so do it! With skimmed milk, some turkey on the side for funsies and COOOOLD WATER!! (not following Yunis' advice but Dukan's – apparently it pushes your body to burn more calories. Not like anything I've read but I'm being very biased because I love the cold water... I think I'm gonna stop that altogether though ... along with drinking a lot of sodas with food. I think I'm getting addicted to diet Mirinda ... Not good ...
A great way to keep stocking on energy, keep satiated and include fiber to your diet for good digestion. I'm having a bowl in the morning – around 1 Cup.

 OK guys. That was step 1 for me. It stabilized me so to speak since Dukan gets you to drop 1kg per week in the second phase as soon as you add vegetables. Dukan is against fat however I realized that an addition of olive oil (and lots of it) keeps the fat burning enzymes going. 
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