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Friday, October 8, 2010


I've gone a long way... I'm still very far away from Leonidas. Only 23 Days with 4 resting days right now. So 19 days, considering nothing else fucks up.
Buffer. Bigger back and shoulders definitely. ARGH!! WHERE'S MY MIDSECTION!? Yeah, btw, I gained THREE KGS!

Wow. Bodybuilding really does the trick when it comes to pumping the muscle. Look at the difference in the traps, chest, shoulders and arms, only in one week.

Yeah ... So I don't really know what to say anymore. I've been grueling over this for the past month and a half. Now I'm on a FORCED BREAK. My tactic in buffing up this week may have started to show its fruits but at the expense of – as I sadly expected – DEFINITION. My abs don't show as much. My arms, shoulders, back are definitely fuller, bigger, but it doesn't mean that I'm not panicking a bit about the days to come. I mean, extra muscle mass also means extra fat. I GAINED THREE KILOS THIS WEEK! And I gotta keep on going with the buffness – but I lowered carbs as I explained before.
I need to get buffer, THEN cut again. But will I pull it off? Another problem is that I can't do anything about it for the next 4 days. Anything movement I do causes my left side to hurt. I've been training like crazy all this time, it would be so shitty if I would be forced to stop training because of a stupid injury. Sara's proud and says I've gone a very very long way and that I forgot where I started from. I actually hating it now. I can't imagine just settling for a semi FOUR PACK and a bit of buffness. "The actors in 300 did it in four months not TWO" Sara says, but that has NOTHING to do with MY challenge. I've set a 65 day goal. To sound a bit corny I'm willing to quote Adidas and say that "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING". To be honest, 65 days should be a long time even if I train MY ASS OFF and don't flinch on the diet – I'm kidding. IT'S NOT! It's the tightest schedule I know for something like that but I'm gonna pull it off. I'll figure something out. I know it.

Snap from my stats page.
By the way, apart from progress slowing down a bit, I just wanna say that the blog views crossed 5000  yesterday!! :D For that I really thank you guys! For following up, for all the great messages, phonecalls, emails even for the happy dance Mark K. pulled off to express how "akhou maniouk√©" the blog is. :)
I defnitely did not expect all of this attention and thank you for giving me the light of day in your busy lives. To be honest, in this rough patch with the successive injuries – my toenail, my stupid muscle lesion on the left side, even apparently my shins from time to time – I'm glad that you guys are around. It keeps me uplifted and shows me that you still believe I have a chance of pulling it off – or maybe just curious to see if I'll go through the pain. Either way, thank you, I appreciate it.
And I'll say this again for some "Arcadians" out there: "No retreat, no surrender, that is Spartan Law. And by Spartan Law we will stand and FIGHT... and die." I'm gonna keep at it guys. All the way. We'll know if I get there at Halloween.

To be even more cheesy and quote rocky from the 70s: "It ain't over till it's over". You know Leonidas said something similar – I don't have enough balls and kingship to quote it though: "It's not over till I SAY It is over". WA7CH! I'm gonna stay on the Rocky quote.

Nevertheless... HAOUUU!

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