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For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


OK so here it is. MONTH 1. WEEK4. DAY 28.
I took all the poses suggested in the P90x website to show development from all sides. Here they are. Day 1 versus Month 1. 98.5kgs versus 90.5kgs.

Check it out.

Obliques started to show as well as my tiny 2 abs on top and beginning on lower 2 for the 8 pack.

Double Biceps. Need to up the weight for bigger guns.
I look bigger yet I'm 8kgs lighter...
Finally some fat chopped off of the hips – my tough spot.
Pull ups really did their job!
A flexed side pose for the abs. Leo... imma comin'
Finally, the beard. I hope I don't look like Chewbacca by the end of next month... Don't worry, I'll trim it right, plus there's the expression that'll change me completely :)

Even Karly gained some muscle and actually added some weight.

I hope you've enjoyed the process as much as I have. Thanks so much for the great motivational messages and the tips! Keep em coming!! You guys ROCK!!! :D

I'm updating the diet page tomorrow so make sure to take a peak too ;)

Love you guys! 

37 more days to go.


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