Why Dine In Hell: The Reason behind the Madness

For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Day 14 is clearly a reaction to what happened with the munchkin and no training on the horrific (yet lovely because of anniversary) day. I woke up Rocky Balboa style, with training music and scenes of Rocky1 playing in my head. Karly felt it. It was gonna be one hell of a run! I jogged all the way from Jeitawi down to Peugeot straight to Hotel Dieu, all the way up to Sassine passing by Hotel Alexandre, then jumped on a series of benches with Karly toward Hotel le Gabriel, then back to ABC, down to Wardeh Patisserie and THEN jogged home. At some point a guy with a hose gave us a tiny shower. When things go that smoothy – yes I was sweating like a pig and really tired – you feel as if you're in a musical of some sort. As I took my daily pictures – that I'm going to compile soon as a short stop motion – I couldn't relax my stomach. It was flexing alone tracing down a lovely 4 pack that is starting to come out nicely. Since we're at the end of week 2, here are the new progress pics.

1.5kgs lost. It's time for definition and losing bit by bit till 84kgs
Packs are starting to show
Beard's starting to show. I hope it grows nicely till Halloween. I still have around 51 days to go. Till then clients are gonna be scaaaared! :D

OK. Let's continue the day. Remember Milos from Day 2? Well I've invited him over to train with me. It was gonna be P90X Chest/Back and not Plyo because I couldn't slow it down in the morning. I'll figure out a place for it later. Milos showed up – right on time as usual ;) – all excited about the training. I was preparing my gear and asked him to get a couple of Gatorades to replenish around mid training. He scoffed. "We don't need Gatorade! Water is enough". I decided to follow his advice – although I knew better.  As we got till the middle of the training, Milos started to put himself in fetal position after every push up set. He was exhausted. He was impressed. The training was FAR more demanding than he had expected it to be. His head started spinning. He needed GATORADE! :D
We managed to keep up till the end. But there was still Ab Ripper X following the training. We needed to take a break and decided to get some Gatorade. While on the road to the shop, I tried convincing Milos to do Kempo X instead of Abs knowing that it would be good cardio and kinda easy. I would compensate for not doing anything the day before too, without DYING in Ab Ripper X. He didn't accept, nor he even started the Ab program. Because I had done it the day before and because of the strain it puts my lower back in, we both dropped Abs and called it a day.
By the way, I did many more push ups and pulls than last time and I started gaining confidence that getting good at fitness – not bodybuilding – was possible. I had progressed yet again.

I needed to reshuffle the week according to which training can follow the other. Plyometrics and Legs were the trickiest ones to place. While taking my shower, I restructured the whole week:
4. Plyo X/Ab ripper X (if possible)
5. Yoga X
6. Legs/Back
7. Kempo X
There will be no rest this week. I already took it on Tuesday (Day 13). In all cases, Kempo is just fun, like cardio. I will consider it as an "active" rest day this week.

"... DAY [14] ... was ours ... "   – Delios



  1. Great job Boo :) you show all them who think you can't do it!

  2. way to go miiiiiiiiiiiiiiish :)loving the transformation.. and its only been 2WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO