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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DAY 20: Dumb Epiphany / Chuck Norris VS. Tony Horton

what Powerwalking makes me 
feel like.
... So walking was a blast yesterday ... Or was it? As I told you yesterday, Karly and I weren't getting tired from more than an hour and a half of walking – to compensate the fast paced jogging/running ritual we used to have usually. I decided to Powerwalk™ correctly which meant keeping one foot on the ground at all times and focusing on driving the hips to thrust the feet forward (killer lower abs workout). Powerwalking reiforces the front leg muscles so I figured that would be best for when I'd be ready to Speedy Gonzales all over the place. Rocky and Powerwalking™ didn't feel like a weird combo anymore. I didn't know if it was because it grew on me – thus making me a bit more cheesy to accept this blasphemy – or because "walking" started to become a bit more intense than the usual, and I was starting to feel the burn in my legs. The Rocky IV training track is brilliant. I don't know what 80s action movie music has but it's so inspirational... I'm not sure if it's only because I was a kid in the 80s so I was affected by it thus still appreciate it now – like the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls ... Yes I love them ok?! So shut up! :) You all did when they came out then realized you had to hide it when people suddenly decided that boy bands weren't cool anymore. To make my point even clearer, here's a surprise. I bet Farah Assir and John Laham are in heaven right now watching this. Come on John spill the beans, we know you want to! ;) I wish I didn't give you the choice to press play to view this and it went on direclty ... there might be a way but I simply don't know how to do it. Well, press play if you feel nostalgic.

You're in for a treat the next time I post some backstreet boys. NO! NO! Don't stop reading!! OK, I'll change the subject! :D Anyyywaaaay, we walked for a couple of hours (yes. 2 hours) till we got to ABRAJ and back. It actually rained on us – which I thought was the coolest thing since it was like "We MARCH against all odds!" not raining cats and dogs, but it was more the idea than anything else ...  There was some cool scenery on the way that Karly and I enjoyed and I even got to discover an old picture of skichampion George Achi when he was around 6 that advertisers used to market some weird waterproof cameras.

On my way back, I decided to pass by a friend hoping she was there. We had a quick chat, she met Karly, and motherly as she is, she provided me with a great solution for my ongoing uhum (bowel) problem: warm water in the mornings and after each lunch, lots of green veg, and fruits. I took it a step further and baught some bran corn flakes, and ate a couple of prunes. And EUREKA!!! IT WORKED!! By the end of the day, I was a new man and problems were solved – recurrently. FINALLY!

In the afternoon, I was at the office with Corporate extraordinaire – and proud member of The Konstrukt – Chris Moussa , and we were discussing a very serious corporate identity matters, when suddenly we heard talking from my midsection. We were both startled to see a face popping out. He explained: his name was Gaston although he sounded Indian. He had a french moustache and seemed pretty sad. Chris directly grabbed the camera to document that supernatural event that one would only find in rare cheesy Xfiles episodes where it was clear that the writers couldn't get inspired and didn't have plausible and interesting material. Here's what we got out of it:

Chuck, pumping it up! WHAT A BEAST! ;P
So I finally went to Mike Sport to buy the "HADID": 40kgs of plates and a couple of dumbbells. The minor setback was how I was gonna transport them up home! 4 stories x 2 flights per floor x 12 stairs, THAT S NINETY SIX STEPS CARRYING FOURTY KILOGRAMMES (even if i divide it up it would be annoying to say the least). After some pondering I decided to drop the dumbbell training for the day, because I had a different and interesting alternative: CHUCK NORRIS' TOTAL GYM 2000 meets TONY HORTON'S P90X!!! It's a pulley system machine that allows a full body workout. I bought it from Moreco TV shopping (LOL) 11 years ago and it was one of the best investments I had even made. I thought if Chuck could "push the world down instead of doing a push UP" and "was able to MAKE ONIONS CRY", it had to be the real deal. And it was! I split it with my sister who was motivated to train – at the time – and ended up paying 23000LL per month for 10 months (you do the math). And now it lay in my apartment under the couch. I knew I was gonna crack it open at some point, didn't expect it to be that early. The result: AMAZING TRAINING!! I had Shoulders/Arms, did most of it on the machine. Got really nauseous. Kept on going. There was no room for Ab Ripper X. I was light headed and couldn't eat for the next hour and a half. At the end of the training, I even felt some fair amount hope and excitement swoop in. As my arms were in full pump and my beard had already grown, I realized I had a chance for this Halloween costume to work out. Had to share my thoughts. Opened facebook on my Blackberry and wrote:

"Leo's not gonna know what hit him on Halloween"

DAY 20


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