Why Dine In Hell: The Reason behind the Madness

For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DAY 30: About my crisis.

OK I just wanna back up a bit and look at this whole crisis once again. I have to admit, I might have taken things to the extreme when I said that I did everything wrong. P90x may not have been the idea approach to bulk up but it sure did remove A LOT of my fat and cut me down to the max! I mean we're still in month 1 and look what happened. My mistake however is that I should've definitely started weight lifting as I said for a month or so and THEN took on the P90x for the cutting month.

It will be much harder on me to keep the 6 pack and cut frame going, but I'm thinking to reducing some of the very high intensity cardio and replace them with weight lifting. I think I'll be hitting the gym 3 times a week and will do running intervals twice a week with a light jog on sundays. I'll let you know about the program as soon as I finalize it in detail. I'm just thinking things through in terms of nutrition as well.

Will talk soon :)


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