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Saturday, September 11, 2010

DAY 16: Yoga is cool / Super-Dorky Equipment

As you know, I got shin splints yesterday, and I thought it was only my right leg. Turns out it's both. That didn't stop me to take a walk with Karly the next morning. We didn't jog, even light jog. We just walked. I took advantage of the stroll to get work on Karly's environmental insecurities. Things like different surfaces, unusual people that might frighten him, buses, metallic stairs, climbing on different type benches. We did a lot of different locations and approached many people who were willing to help out. Karly got mental exercise that exhausted him, walking was enough for both of us, we were all happy.

Anis, come try these on :P
In the afternoon, while I was writing Day 15's post, I realized I had to get proper support for my shins. I had to figure out a way to recover as soon as possible. I got my aspirine, Calcium/Mg/Vit D complex, Voltaren, then decided to go further and get shin/leg support. I head out to Berty Pharmacy and got the most relaxing yet DORKIEST wrappers out there. Even the pharmacists were like, "you know what? You got balls wearing these in public", "Maybe you should wear longer shorts" and my favorite "if you go to Gemmayze wearing those, people would think it's a new outlandish fashion trend". Great! Well what you gonna do? Get laughed at but relax and recover? OR just endure pain and just stop running all together? It's not a tough dilemma if you think about it and you're not a COMPLETE stuck-up.
I got a sample of people's reaction while taking Karly on his tiny afternoon stroll. "Chou h├ęda ya Michael!? FUSEAU!?" ... I felt like a Fame Dancer, strictly out of the 80's! "N3atabet" I replied, makes it look a bit more manly... If it was of any consolation to me, the pharmacist said that they made my legs look sexy! HAHAHAHAHA!

Replaced my office's 32'' with the 46'' PS3 TV! now it's serious! :D
Anywho, it was obvious I needed a training break. The solution was the Yoga X training for the evening. Lovely – and tiring – core work, a complete focus on the moment, and pure relaxation. The session was divided in 3 sections, something called "Moving Asanas" that takes you through repetitive core exercises: Runner’s Pose, Warrior One, Two, and Three, Reverse Warrior, Twisting Triangle, Prayer Twist, and the Half Moon. If you don't clear your mind and relax, you will literally DIE! The trick is to focus on breathing and the muscles you're working while relaxing all other ones, including your face's. "The calm before the storm" Horton calls it. The second section is all about balance postures. Very fun for me and waay less intense. Everything basically after the Moving Asanas is great and very entertaining. In section 3, you hit the floor and stretch, I really noticed a difference between last week and now. I can actually touch my toes! I have always been a stiff BLOCK. 2 Yoga X sessions later and I feel my body is changing. By the way, the pain in my shins went completely away. By the end, I had gotten so into it that I went along with Horton and "massaged my inner something" by doing OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMS! :D Sara came in from the other room to see this. It looked ridiculous but was so soothing. So guys, don't judge these weird looking monks or your Yoga friends because Yoga IS actually cool – and this is coming from an ex-bodybuilding meat head.

As I came out of the shower, it was clear that all the tension in my body was gone. My muscles even felt fuller and more relaxed. What a great day – minor injury aside.

By the way, new songs update:
Aerials – System of a Down
Let the bodies hit the floor – Drowning Pool (ULTIMATE BOOST REALLY! used to listen to it for Squats above 100kgs)
The complete S&M Metallica Album

I don't know if I can end the post by yelling Haouu ... Yoga just doesn't fit it.

I'll just let a relaxed calm one rip:


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