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Saturday, September 25, 2010

DAY 30: I've been doing it ALL WRONG! SHIT!

OK. Today is day 31 not 30 as you know I always write my posts the day after to sum things all up.

Yesterday was pretty intense. Karly and I did the 5K in 44 minutes instead of 55. We litterally jogged/ran all throughout. New songs emerged like "Skaterboi" (i know...)  and Superman from Goldfinger. Very intense. Very fun! Got back to the nice jogging routine. I was a bit sore at the ankles and shins. Got back home and iced the whole thing. I even researched articles for proper form while running that I was gonna share with you today, but I just discovered something that WRECKED EVERYTHING I've been building on so far.

After I failed to finish my Core Synergistics P90x workout – which is REALLY hard to do by the way, I stepped to the bathroom to take a shower and took a tiny stare at where my body got to. I had dropped 2.4 kgs this week – I visited Dr. Yunis and turns out, his "eat as much as you want" diet worked. My fat levels dropped 3%, my waist 5cms... Which was supposed to be great. But as I looked into the mirror, apart from my 6 packs and obliques standing out like crazy, I had realized that I turned myself into your average "Joe Fitness". My shoulders were smaller, my arms ... OH MY GOD! I put my faith in an amazing program that focuses on general wellbeing, fitness, strength, endurance; But I didn't take into consideration Hypertrophy = MUSCLE MASS. I felt that if I continued, I was gonna end up looking like these Heroin junkies or skinny ass models. Anis had already pointed out that my MONTH 1 post was really impressive, however I wasn't massive. Not veiny. No pump nor intensity.

Sara and I were at a friend's birthday and 2 of my friends had started gymming again not even a week ago and I could feel what kind of muscle quality and pump that kind of training gives out. To be honest, it pissed the hell out of me and kinda put me in panic. I had 34 days to figure this shit out. I needed to pump up and keep my 6 pack and even chisel it more. If I had realized what P90x does I would've started lifting weights for a month (the one that just passed) and then focus on cutting! SHIT!
Here's an alternative to using P90x for muscle mass... interesting but is it what I do best to put on mass? I doubt it.

Guys... check out all the before and afters of P90x and tell me: "is that a Leonidas' body? or a Wii Fit BODY!?" ARGHHHHHHH!!!

I just got off the phone with Tarek Abou Nassar and realized that I could go on compound training full body workouts – that I could do with him. That however would litterally KILL me since my body isn't used to SUPER intense bodybuilding workouts, don't forget, I haven't trained for 2 years!
I'm gonna  have a couple of conversations with some people I trust and come up with a solution that I'll let you know.

I gotta go. I ll update you ASAP. I gotta figure this out.

I guess we live and learn.
No retreat, No surrender.


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