Why Dine In Hell: The Reason behind the Madness

For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Meesh Lee". Kempo X brings out the WU-TAAAH in me! 
OK DAY 28 or Week 4 or Month 1 in the challenge.
Didn't walk or jog today but trained like a Motherfucker. Woke up in the morning, took a couple of spoonfuls of honey. Didn't feel like walking up to my apartment. I mean 4 stories HIGH by stairs!! You would wonder with all that training that I'm doing why the HELL would 96 steps bother me!!? ... well they do ... It's psychological I guess. 

In all cases, my laptop was with me at my mom's so i just popped it open, put it at highest volume (which is a bit higher than whispering), went to my room – now relatively empty – and just Kempoed my way for an hour! It's crazy how much sweat drips off you in these P90x cardio workouts! The whole floor was wet and I had to sweep it every 5 mins as not to slip.
What's great about the Kempo workout is that it takes your mind out of "fitness training" and puts you in a "kick fictional Ninja and Corniche bodybuilders" mode! I LOVE IT! Plus, in the comfort of your own home you can permit yourself to talk to these imaginary beings, yell at them and strike to kill! No one would ever think that you were crazy. Plus, even if I post what happened on the blog, you don't have proof now do you?? I can just use the 3 Ds: Deny, Deny ... Deny. Anis – very close friend and lawyer – would love this! "let's prove to everyone that you're not crazy Mich, we can create a counter blog where you would act extremely 'normal', (whatever that means) and pretend Dine in Hell was concocted by some sicko who wants to bring you down!"... Hmmm ...

Anyways, one thing I wanna report about the training is that I can finally say that my first 2 abs and sides are permanently showing! No more "I've drank too much water today" or "I don't know, I'm getting fatter and skinnier", let's just say they're out and showing; and doing the whole cardio workout finally shows separation of skin vs. abs! AKHH! It took a month to happen, which isn't quite a lot actually! Have you seen my mexican beer belly in the HORROR!? You can also call it "Lot's O' Chocolate-Doritos n' Dip-Roadsters Belly" too...

Yesterday, a friend of mine kept on insisting that the 1st picture was an exaggeration of my belly, that I was pushing it out or photoshopping it. I can assure you – and you can ask Sara about this – that's how I looked! Ridiculous! That's what a diet of 6 chocolates, 2 bags or chips, 2 ATLAS or REX beers, a LOT of Tostitos Dip and 2Liters of Mirinda, not to forget the Super Sampler meal or My Specialty "BBB BREADED Chicken (doesn't exist on the menu but you can order it after I coerced them to – with extra honey mustard and buffalow sauce)" PER DAY, FOR A WHOLE 3 MONTHS, will turn you into. What can I say? I eat when I work hard. I eat when I'm stressed. Getting back in shape is half the battle because it's actually about self control when things go sour and you have to pull a whole month of all-nighters and not get your 6 hour sleep or even 20 minutes to heat and gobble down a meal. I want to research that: How to shift your stress toward something else. Maybe I could go for a run from now on. Hopefully by the end of this, my body will be well adjusted to rather eat healthy than plunge my hands elbows deep in a bucket of Buffalow wings at Lord of the Wings, or even worse, at Bob's Diner on Open Tuesdays! YOU EVEN GET FRIGGIN' MEXICAN BEER AND NACHOS WITH THEM!!! ARGHHHHH!!! WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO US!?!?! ;P

After with the flex. HAOU! Leo here I come!
In the mean time I'm following Ricardo's diet. Apparently the guy told me that once I'm at my desired weight, I pass onto the stabilization/consolidation phase where I eat whatever I wanted on one day, and followed a set diet – albeit a very consistent one – the other. I'm gonna try it and let you know what happens.

Back to the training: remember when I said that I'd postpone Kempo to the next morning, I also mentioned that I was gonna Yoga in the evening. And that's what I did. Ate enough of my Open Pasta (with Eggplant) at lunch, then Juice and some honey right before training to stock up on energy and go ALL THE WAY! Milos joined. He was very reluctant about the whole Yoga training – which he thought was for pussies as I did a month ago. 15 minutes in, as he started dripping all over his mat and the floor, he changed his mind about it. Yoga X usually takes one and a half hours to complete. He stopped at 45 minutes because he "had to go"... or maybe because his legs couldn't hold him anymore ... I decided to believe his story. I continued all the way till the final stage: "Oms"! I usually go through the whole training just to get to these final 10 minutes of relaxation where you really clear your mind and let your body finally rest. The calm after the storm. I usually dose off when "the Dead Body" pose comes along. You just lie down and shut down all of your body, bit by bit from your toes till your head. AMAZING and sooo relaxing! Especially when you're at the end of the workout and your sugar is so low you can't stand up anymore. Follow that with a spoonful of Honey and a recovery shake (Cell Tech in my case) and you're in heaven!

It was only 8:30. My meal was Open Fruits! And that's what I did. A bowl of melons, grapes and apples! YUMMMY!! I have never enjoyed fruits that much in my life – and vegetables actually. They're both REALLY GOOD! Turns out Amine aka "Kiwiman" was right... I sat in front of the lovely TV and decided to Prison Break it for a while.


Day 28. Week 4. Month 1.
Things were looking up. Endurance is higher. Strength definitely. Legs are –more or less– back. Shape is getting there. I didn't think of all of these things when I set the goal of dressing up as Leo for Halloween. I guess it all comes with the territory. I love it.
I feel great. There's such a difference between fat and flabby and healthy. I hope this challenge changes my lifestyle somehow. The food. The training. The alertness. The relaxation. I get it now. The whole hype of getting fit.

I used to bodybuild, it felt great. It made me feel STRONG. Let's say you're lifting huge weights for 6 months?! Can you imagine how easy would a normal day be? Going to work, going up stairs, carrying something, doing these banal simple things?! The difference though is that I associate bodybuilding with getting buff and carrying crazy weights. To be honest, I wouldn't enjoy going to the gym to "tone". That's dumb. Takes off the whole intensity and CRAZINESS of the sport. I'd rather do P90x and run instead. Plus I don't wanna get huge anymore. A HUNDRED AND FOUR KILOGRAMS OF MUSCLE?! REALLY!? WHY!? I'd rather be lean and fit and that's it now. Imagine carrying 20kgs less, all the time. How much fun would that be! It would change your life!

Got a huge ass mail from Tarek Abou Nassar yesterday which really put me in a good mood. Tarek is a huge and very dedicated bodybuilder friend that I respect a lot. After giving me some nutrition/supplementation tips I'll reveal soon, he said something very interesting: Weight does not matter. It's Fat percentage versus muscle mass. As long as your Fat is low, you're in shape – provided you train and eat well, not starve yourself to death. 84kgs doesn't have to be my goal. Maybe I should focus more on a fat percentage of 10-13%, the Athlete fat range; that makes much more sense.

Let me wrap this up. 

All I can say is that I'm proud of where I got so far.

37 days to go.


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