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Friday, September 10, 2010

DAY 15: AM I INJURED!? / Stop the Rock VS. Limitations

Karly was extremely hyperactive in the morning. He couldn't wait till 7:15 to wake me up. He was all over me at 6:55 and I just got up, got ready and off we went. I had my ipod with me cause I felt like running around with him. When the connection between us flows, I feel like we own the city. We just jump around wherever, however, everything is permitted. And that's where I wanted to get to with that run.
I usually give myself around ten minutes of walking time before I jog, but Karly was so excited, always running far away and turning back with this look in his eyes that said "COME OOON SLOWPOKE! LET'S TEAR THIS PLACE APART!"; so I just followed his advice, put on "Stop the Rock", and started jogging. My calves were already sore from that awesome run the day before and obviously needed some easing into before any crazy jogging, but I just got carried away with the music and Karly's energy and let it rip!
We went up to Sassine then started choosing random downhills that lead to killer uphills. We ran all the way through. With "stop the rock" in your ears, believe me, there's no slowing you down! Every time we got to a set of stairs, some high surfaces that needed you to jump to reach, we took them. Every time we saw an opportunity just to pounce up, we took it! It was Conan and his friend Mitsy racing in "Le Fils du Futur"! Karly climbed every bench on my command and I followed him directly. There was no stopping us... There was no stopping us until I heard a snap* sound around my inner calf area and froze. Karly paused and came back. I had to sit down. Some weird ass muscle around on my inner calf's side was hurting bad. I was around Sassine at that point, already 30 minutes in the run; I had to stop. I had to walk back. Completely disappointed. Completely WORRIED! What was that?! I can't let an injury creep in now that I'm on a countdown. I need to figure out a way to research this and prevent any further injury from happening. Right as soon as I came back, I put Mentholatum to keep the muscle warm, and did that a couple of more times during the day.

On a side note, while back, I was kinda bored from walking, so I decided to work on my running playlist. Here's what I have so far, I'd love it if you'd give me your input on other motivational songs that could push me to go ballistic:
1. Ridin' – Chamillionaire
2. Tubthumping – Chumbawamba
3. Mr.Jones – Counting Crows
4. I gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
5. Stop the Rock - Apollo 440
6. Amazing – Kanye West
7. Rocky theme
8. He's a Pirate – Tiesto
9. Sandstorm – Darude

Walking and light jogging:
10. Il est Libre Max – Maxime le Forestier
12. Time and Space – The Accidental

Nike Lunarglides. OH! COMFORT!
Gonna get them, I'm dying
It isn't till now (DAY 16) that I'm researching it to see how to handle it. Apparently this is called "Posterior Shin Splints" and it is directly linked to your Tibia, who cannot handle the pressure of the run because of the front leg muscles not being developed enough. Apparently this happens a lot with runners and can cause the Tibia to fracture. The remedy is to stretch well before and after training – the walk would do along with wall push ups – then ice pack the legs up to 15 minutes after to get the swelling down – and the best one is to GET SOME REST FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS. If the pain is too severe, rest apparently should be up to THREE WEEKS, yeah, I'm not really willing to do that; I'm just not going to run through the pain and walk/rest when necessary. Another thing I can do is swim from time to time... Check this link for more details. Another source suggests that I heightened my mileage very quickly and should increase it safely (maybe I should need Nike Plus to control the distance and pace then! :P). My side remedy, after consulting the pharmacist and a doctor friend is 1. Voltaren and Aspirin for the swelling 2. Calcium/vitD/Mg to reiforce the bone 3. more sunlight 4. Calf support (taking it too far?) and my favorite is 5. get new running shoes – the Nike Plus ones I saw on Day 11 – didn't write about it, probably will soon – they're soooo relaxing and provide amazing cushioning for extensive runs. I'm doing all of this anyways; the challenge, the safety, the equipment, might as well do it in Style! Gotta think this through though as they cost 200$... + NIKE PLUS CHIP 50$ (you could get it for 24$ online but we're in Lebanon so unless someone comes back from some random country, don't think about it)... Gotta think about it a bit more.

Night time! P90X time! Milos wanted to bring a common friend with him to train. He was so impressed with the program he couldn't shut up about it. We were supposed to meet all 3 of us at my training space for PLYO X. To be honest I was somewhat scared. It's called jump training and my calves were killing me from the morning run. Only Milos showed up. Friend didn't. His head was hurting and he wasn't ready for extreme training that day. I had my Gatorade, NOXPLOD and Protein shake ready. I was in good mental check. Knowing how much sweat we were gonna get out of us, Milos stayed in boxers. Good idea. I stayed in shorts. And the jumping began! We lasted till the middle of the training and starting whamming on the pause button every minute or so. We were exhausted! Extreme jumping kicked in and I felt pain in my calves. I decided to do my own versions of the exercises, without putting the calves into play. Training was over. We were floored. But it didn't stop here! For me at least. Milos was going out. He needed to remain somewhat sane for Skybar. It was funny how I didn't hesitate for a moment. "OK! you go! I'm gonna do Ab Ripper X" I said. I can't believe I actually clicked on the vid, sat on my mat, and OFF I WENT! At the end of the training, the tip of my fingers were wet and wrinkly; as if I had just gotten out of the shower! We had sweated a BUCKET LOAD! Even my running shoes were WET! NOW THAT WAS A TRAINING! Oh I'm so glad it's ONLY Yoga tomorrow – only said sarcastically of course. ;)

Went back home, gobbled down a bowl of yogurt, 2 chicken breasts and lettuce and that my friends was the moment I just passed out on the bed.


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