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Monday, September 13, 2010

DAY 18: The DOG Molestor / Beneficial Roadsters Food / New Diet

So being human finally caught up with me ... I knew it was a Sunday, but the rule was: I train EVERY DAY for the next 65 days. And because I postponed Plyo a day from tuesday to wednesday, I had no excuse. My objective for the day was to walk, to do Kempo X and Ab Ripper too since I skipped it the day before. Sara and I came back from dinner the day before at 2:30 and I had only slept around 5 hours – after an exhausting Legs/Back training. Waking up at SIX:15 didnt help either. The day didn't look promising.

"Can I pet you dog?"
Since I'm in my flat now, there's was no playing with my mom till 7:15 for Karly. He just woke me up at 6:15. I didn't look at the watch when he sat next to me and looked at me oh so joyfully. Just got up, put my clothes on and went down the extremely annoying 8 flights of stairs leading down to the road. In case you were wondering, it's a 4 story apartment, in an old building (so VERY high ceilings thus a LOT of stairs) and you guessed it: NO ELEVATOR. I'm not the most focused person when it comes to making sure my keys, wallet, cellphone are in my pockets before I leave home, so I already unnecessarily went up and down these damn steps a lot and I've barely been here 2 days! Anywho... It was a nice strolling day with abou el Karlz. Still getting him used to things. I started out walking with some rocky music but shut it off... who was I kidding?! Plus having that contrast of music versus "powerwalking" – yes, it IS as gay as it sounds – makes you feel you're being made fun at BIGTIME. I just removed the headphones and focused on the walk. We did random Achrafieh roads; Karly got to climb into a bus – took us some time since he had to get used to the sound of the "matér"– then we had a lovely chat with a Lebanese guy who's lived "some of his life" in Canada and came back for good in 2007. Very sketchy dude who told me the names of his Canadian girlfriends who had dogs (wtf? I mean WHY!?). He wanted to pet Karly and I obviously didn't let him: He had tatts all over him, not that it's a determing factor, but also looked very much like Dany Trejo in the movie Machette. He also puncuated with sentences like "living the life my man", "itssokké ma mans", "go for it", "good times", and just threw in random words in the convo like "Daytona", "Miami", "on the down low" ... I just thought I'd get out while I still could, the guy wanted to put me in touch with his "cool friends from America"... we just turned and left. I felt my shins were starting to hurt 30 mins into the walk. I had to go back. I felt bad for Karly, but he didn't seem to mind. I've had him climb on top of so many things his tongue was all the way down to the floor yearning to lie down and take a tiny nap.

Check out the Machette trailer. Hilarious! I swear the guy looks exactly like him!

The day was pretty chillaxed. My only concern as Sara and I started a Southpark Marathon was the lack of number TWOS in my life these days!! To put it a tad more bluntly: "WHEN THE HELL AM I GONNA TAKE A CRAP!?!" I was pretty pissed to say the least. Especially that apart from having a weird tiny belly popping out, I didn't feel like I needed to go – which added so much mystetry to the fact that I was eating like a pig and couldn't understand where all that food went! 
But as I was having a convo with Fares Saad, the awesome webdesigner we work with, he had pointed out that eating junk food once a week was not only very beneficial as it kept carb reducing and fat burning enzymes in good amounts in the bloodstream and readied them to attack the foods, but also gets your bowel working again! Hell to the YEHAAAA! 

Having decided to follow Fares' advice, I decided to order an extremely fatty meal but didn't crave anything really. I'm usually a Burger and Pizza person, but I just felt like filling my belly, no more, no less. I finally decided to order the Roadster Burger Quasadilla, which was OK. It's actually weird that I didn't drool all over it and HAD to savor every bite of it ... It's as if my body didn't need that type of food anymore. After, we went for a fruit cocktail, but I just had grapefruit juice (helps BIGTIME with fat shredding and has the least fructose content).

Since we're on the fat shredding matter, I had read an article about eating fatty foods in my bodybuilding days and even made it a point to supplement my diet with Cod Liver Oil (good fat) for the same reason. Ricardo Yunis relies on olive oil as a fat source to get you to lose weight AND at the same time to provide you with a source of energy along with carbs. The only 2 types of carbs I was allowed to eat were pasta and rice. Hint-Hint? Maybe I should contact him and ask him a couple of questions about my diet now. About the huge amounts of Aspartame I'm consuming with Liters of Diet Coke, Ice cream etc. About maybe adapting his diet to extreme sports? ... How would that work? I bet he'd say eat more honey since it's a good source of immediate energy and not necessarily push me to consume more food in general contrarily to the P90x diet which follows a typical bodybuilder's food regimen. The Dukan diet works so far, but dropping 1kg/week for my challenge honestly doesn't amount to a lot. I'd rather drop directly to 84kgs, by losing around 2kgs/week (easy with Yunis' diet), then I can focus on integrating right foods for muscle building. I don't want weight to be on my mind as I train. The sooner I get to that mindset the better. The sooner I know which diet to switch on the better.

By the way, I'm going to create a Diet page just to upload pictures/descriptions of the meals I'm having, in case you feel like following the diet or simply having a light meal from time to time. I'll do it within these couple of days as soon as I get some time. I've been taking pictures of the meals I'm having so you already have around 10 different meals you can pick from. I'll keep on updating as I go. Sorry for making you wait that long for it, I just can't find the time for it! Around these 2 days I promise ;)

Let me get to the bad news. I was so exhausted I kept on postponing the training till 9:30PM. Figured I'd pull off the Ab Ripper x too. It was Kempo; and 2 minutes into the training, I just decided to stop. Sara protested and motivated me to continue. My shins were killing me from going up and down the stairs as well... hadn't given them enough rest. I couldn't do any jumping moves. I was exhausted. Plus, as I told you before, I hadn't slept that long, I hadn't recovered from Legs/Back. My legs were so sore. I just sat down on the mat to take a 2 minute break and ... that was it. I passed out.

As I'm writing this post today (DAY 19) I'm still wondering wether I do Kempo, Shoulders/Arms, or simply rest today. I was thinking about swimming in the mornings to rest the shins and try to develop my front muscles without the pressure running puts on them, but it's not that easy though since Karly needs his exercise. I gotta keep on training but need the energy to do so. I need to recover. I should stop relying ONLY on protein and caffeine to train. My body looks frail because my muscle glycogen stores are completely depleted from stopping carbs. Actually, the pita in the Quasedilla helped give my body some shape and health. Carbs and Fats should come back to the equation. I need to figure out how. One thing is for sure: I'm gonna substitute my pure protein shake (Pro-Complex) to a more balanced food supplement like Myoplex (love Strawberry flavor + great cupcakes! mmm mmm!) as it always helped me out during intense bodybuilding training – also helps with poopoo ;P. Maybe I can also substitute the "Gatorade" (haha) with something more substancial like Cell-tech (Grape or Orange) to replenish the Glycogen in the muscle and give me some energy. I would then have to stop using NO-XPLODE though and tone down the caffeine.

It's so funny how this blog helps solve matters and take steps back on things: Not training yesterday wasn't bad news, it was simply my body calling out for a better diet and MORE SLEEP. And that's what I'm gonna do.


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