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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DAY 41: TRAINING MADNESS: The "Animal way of life", Rammstein & the AURA.

Frank McGrath aka "The Animal"
I remember what happened to me after watching the Animal Pack youtube video 2 years back.
I was already knees deep into bodybuilding and enjoying it to the extreme, but the night I watched that video, you could say my whole perception of the training changed. See I used to enjoy bodybuilding; the rush it gave me; the results it gave me. The Strength. The Size. I was a loud bodybuilder. I used prance around in the gym – imagine how I usually am, times TEN. Singing, shouting, joking... still focused on the training but it was as if I was in a playground and was 7. Which isn't bad. It's so relaxing and such a release. However, after watching that movie, let's say I was straight on influenced, brainwashed. It was clear to me that there was something of a "higher High" if you will that occurs with EXTREME focus and intensity.
That night I had Back and Biceps. I put my ipod on Chris Cornell Casino Royale Theme "You Know My Name". On repeat. Drove to the gym as if possessed. As if there was an emergency and I had to get there as soon as possible. I had my hoodie on like Frank in the vid (haha!). Didn't even say hi to anyone and head directly to the weight area. Workout ended an hour and twenty minutes later and the same song was still playing and still boosting me. I got out of my trance and head straight to the showers. I had just finished one of my best workouts ever. I had doubled the weight and pulled it off like a Madman!

See it's all about the mindset one is in. About extreme concentration and this "aura" that envelops you when you're in the zone. A feeling that you're untouchable – and ready to jump on and beat the shit out of anyone for just giving you a tiny reason ... pacifist as I am ... it's a very weird but AMAZING/CRAZY feeling. The best high I've ever had. And it kept going like that till I jumped from 96.5 to 104kgs – in only 3 months.

Something happened yesterday, a day after I had included that video on the post on how to keep motivated. I had just gotten back from a walk with Karly that turned into an amazing jog. Took a shower, sat down, wrote my "Spartathlon" post. Then decided to check out the vid again; watched it over 4-5 times.  The black and white film, the training, the posing, the sereneness of his expression, versus the wild Rammstein "Sonne". I felt it all coming back to me. It was a double training day: Chest in the AM, Shoulders/Triceps in the PM. A perfect day to unleash some bodybuilding FURY. That's what happened. I pulled off 2 incredible workouts! I had been out of the gym for so long. The weights didn't amount to half what I used to carry. But the intensity was there. The Aura was there. I don't know how I recovered from the morning's training but on top of that, I got even more excited for the Shoulder/Tri workout went back for more! Even more serious. Even more focused. The weights were still impressive. We were 10 people in the gym but I didn't even feel that someone was with me. It was me against myself, and the weights. This time it wasn't the Casino Royale song. It was "Sonne". It was in German and I didn't understand a word of what he was yelling so angrily, but it was OK. No. It was GREAT.

Something else I found. Couldn't put it better myself! HAOUUUUU!

By the way, the "Animal way of life" video is taken from a series of Animal Pack training videos, where Frank McGrath simply walks into the gym, slaps on plates and starts training. Full concentration. Full range of motion. He pushes the iron up and down, up and down, so slowly to push his muscles as hard as he could with perfect form. His focus is in the now. In the training. No chitchat, no socializing. Nothing. It's weird how Professor Karim Nader (hi Karim!) used to talk about the living in the moment and how this EXACTLY applies to bodybuilding. It does too with Yoga, Kempo, Running, Swimming ... anything I've been doing for the past 41days. No wonder there's a sense of calm that runs through me these days... and maybe some soreness and fatigue.

Checked out Dr.Yunis yesterday. Apparently I GAINED 2kgs instead of dropping weight!! My fat levels have gone lower though. I'm very happy. I guess I'm gaining muscle mass from the training – and I've been eating a LOT of Digestive biscuits and have made a couple of mistakes with my shakes dosages. Ricardo thinks I should keep losing weight regardless of the muscle mass. I'm back at 92.5 now!! Will I make it down to 84kgs on time? Is it necessary that I do? I still view it as a plus. That would be awesome! To do that I need to drop 2.25kgs per week for the next 4 weeks! Crazy, but feasible. An extra challenge!

On another Nutritional note, here's a very interesting and informative post on nutrition while training: "The Ultimate Bodybuilding Guide, 63 Rules To Grow By".


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