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Thursday, October 7, 2010

DAY 42: Syria, Solarium & again with the Chest Pain

So went to Syria for work yesterday. Huge restaurant in Damascus, full identity and a really nice mural. I don't know if it's worth mentioning because it didn't really change any of my training plans ;)
Had a lovely walk with the K-dog in the morning. My calves and quads were killing me for some reason. I don't know what's happened with my pooch but he's been really pulling on the lead lately. He definitely got used to running with me, walking doesn't pay off anymore. He just sniffs the floor and keeps pulling me, and I need to go all Cesar Milan on his ass and be all Alpha and zigzag in different directions to get him all lost.

I had legs at night. Did it a bit late but it was as intense as I could do it at home with the P90x, going on 6-10 reps to maximum gains and more strength. All was well till my whole left side started really hurting me again every time I inhaled. This was CRAP! It felt like somewhere around my heart but I knew it was somewhere within my left pec. I don't even get it. The training had nothing to do with chest. I completed the leg routine but decided not to continue with the Ab Ripper routine.
I don't get it. I rested just like the doctor ordered. I didn't strain in the workouts, stretched my muscles and did all the exercises in good form. THIS IS BULLSHIT! I can't afford resting again. I visited a doctor friend of mine today and turn out "chab'it hawa" also means "muscle lesion". I basically need to take the same medication I took before and REST IT OUT. He thinks TEN DAYS is ideal. I only have TWENTY to go and I'm so far from where I need to be. EVERY DAY COUNTS and I'm gonna be sitting resting on my pretty bum?! I really nagged. He said it's kinda like tendinitis. And it would hurt me more but it wouldn't be bad for my muscle. Makes me think that I could train under pain killers but I gotta put these mad thoughts aside and figure something out. Apparently mild cardio wouldn't be a big deal as long as I build on it day by day till I'm able to train again. Another thought: as I see it, the more my heart rate is up, the more I'm prone to pain and these crises. So what I could try to do for next time is tone down the intensity and focus on smaller muscle groups without ANY COMPOUND TRAINING – one muscle group at a time, no exercises that include different muscles simultaneously like squats, military presses, deadlifts, barbell curls etc...just to keep the muscles growing. It's gonna be hard to figure out, but it would keep me on the road to getting there.

Yeah, and I forgot to tell you that I started out solarium sessions for D-day. I hate the friggin' beach and especially sitting down like an idiot waiting for the sun to roast my skin. I don't even go to the beach anyways. Don't see where the fun is in sweating like a pig under the killing sun at 42 degrees and trying to kill the feeling that you're getting cooked by diving in cold water. It's a waste of time lying there anyways. I gotta do something with my time. I don't really like the beach as you can see.
1st time I do the Solarium bit. It does get the tan going. Makes the whole "soldier and man of the land" thing more believable for the costume. I need it especially with all this stupid set of freakish injuries happening day in day out.

I'll figure it out. There's no way I'm throwing the towel on this project.

By the way I'm not on my usual computer, so you'll get the weekly progress pictures tomorrow.

"HAOU" i guess. No no... you know what?! Definitely HAOUUU!

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