Why Dine In Hell: The Reason behind the Madness

For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Michel Dines In Hell on "Log In" on MTV :) & Party & Costume Logistics

Tune in on MTV this Saturday 30th at 6:10 PM for a Halloween Special on "Log In" with Philip Yacoub featuring yours truly as I talk about "Michel Dines In Hell"! – the blog in case someone didn't get that ;)

By the way, I know I haven't blogged for the past couple of days; I've been trying to compensate extra for "some" work I had slightly postponed.

On D-1 and D-2 thought I'd party for a cause (2 actually) – as you know, Halloween is on Sunday so parties are on friday 29th and saturday 30th!! :(

Party 1 on Friday 29th: Donner Sang Compter's "Party for our Bloody Cause" at Chocolate Club (got a table in my name if you guys are interested drop me a line or call me up!)

Party 2 on Saturday 30th: at EM Chill Mar Mikhael (end of gemmayze)
The cool thing about both these parties are that I'm sure the mood will be crazy. No people that "don't dress up for Halloween cause it's stupid". Just crazy ass genuine down to earth people that just wanna have an amazing time, and THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! ESPECIALLY THAT I HAVEN'T HAD EVEN ONE SIP OF ALCOHOL FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS!!! BRING IN THE DOODOO SHOTTTSSS!! :))

I'm working on my costume now!
I was thinking of asking either my cousin Edward Arsouni (yeah not Karsouny...mine is cooler) or Hass Idriss, both great fashion designers to help me with the costume. But I figured, if mom helped me out with my first 10, she should have great experience! She sewed a Shere Khan costume, a Ninja turtle one, a Bumblebee one (where people thought I was a bee ...ergo a girl... I was 6 and was telling people my name was Michel(le) with my 6 year old voice... you know...) ... so on so forth; The best person EVER to help me out – and it's an honor for me – is MY MOM!! :)

We haven't been spending some good old Mother & Son time so that would be perfect! I hope we'll pull it off!

Can I end this post with HAOUUU!?


  1. :) I find ur weblog really interesting! I am struggling with diet and working out. have been losing weight at a very slow rate though. So I was amazed to see that u have transformed ur body over 2 months!!!! WOW! I have started reading ur posts since day1! I'm reading day 6 now:D
    Well... wanted to let u know that I'm very very happy to find ur weblog;) and u look amazing btw!

  2. hi cupka.. i think it s a question of doing one thing at a time.. you know? focusing all your energy to excercise and diet and see how your body reacts- turning it to this obsession and making it your priority would work wonders for a much shorter period of time. that s what m going to do with all my goals from now on and the most important thing i ve learned from this experience. (going to try it with painting next! i wanna become a fine artist! :D i ll keep up training of course... i wanna keep on blogging. its really fun!

  3. Hi Michel, I am bullied at school by older guys and girls, they take my lunch and trash me in the trash can. Any advice?

  4. i ll let you know on saturday :D

  5. so who's your queen sexy?

  6. Bit kudos for you Michel!! You did it.

  7. Hi Michel,
    My name is Laura,
    I saw your blog and I found it pretty cool the initiative to show its evolution to readers.
    Sites like this are very encouraging, to see that others also did.
    Is really very exciting to see you get results so quickly.
    We strive to and everything, but yes! there is this endeavor! Very cool!
    I will keep following the blog! And you'll be so cool to King Leonidas!
    It's pretty good. Congratulations.