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Friday, October 1, 2010


And what might happen if I woke up today and was like "you know what? I simply don't feel like training today, especially Legs"! What if I just wanna sit down on my fat drained ass and read a Dragonball?!
This "every, single, day" deal is kinda exhausting. Today is leg day. It's the most draining, sickening training day. I'm gonna have to do deadlifts, squats, lunges and to be honest, on a saturday, that's the last thing I want to do. Did the mistake of sleeping late yesterday (2:40) and woke up getting all licked by Karly. Took him out on a 20 minute walk ... while limping because of my friggin' toenail!

The thing is that I don't even feel like going to the beach to take a break since the stupid sun would drain me – plus to be honest I hate the beach... by the way, did anyone notice it's still summer?! Hey, it's a Saturday, I could sleep again for a couple of hours and get my grub on Digestive and honey so that I can get my body to be fully pumped and ready to "chila bi snéné"(lift it up with my teeth). I would love to rely on some NO-XPLODE to get up and runnin' like an Energizer Bunny™ but Ricardo thinks all caffeinated products contain fat and would go against the diet I'm undergoing! ARGH! To be honest, gulping huge amounts of honey and training is NOT the same thing. I tried it. I doesn't give the same effect – not at all.
I also realized that Digestive is so slow release because of all the fiber that it doesn't change anything when it comes to boosting you up before training. I gotta get myself out of this lazy ass mood and back to Spartan mode. I just got a facebook message: "dude, why are you doing all of this. So what you become Leonidas ... then what?". I answered, "I get to have a genuine Halloween costume", but then I felt stupid. First time I feel stupid since the beginning of the Journey. The really funny thing is that I'm not doing it to get the body. I'm doing it to pull off the costume. The body's just complementary to the costume and that's mostly it. Doesn't that feel a bit ridiculous?! I mean I'm enjoying getting lean and everything ... actually I felt like dropping down to 84 ... but that's the extent of it. It's not like I like to show it off at the beach or anything since I don't like the beach to start with. I just want something functional to keep me going during the day... Are you guys reading this!?! I can't believe all of this is coming out of me! Is it doubt that I'm not gonna get there? Or just me getting tired of all this hustling?

I went down to the gym yesterday to do my back workout at 8 and turns out the gym was empty so they decided to close. I came and just stood there and got pissed. A passerby looked at me all curious. "It's Friday night, we're in Gemmayze, you're here to ... train?!". I answered simply: "yes, I have to train". Is this healthy?!
I jumped back into my car and head home where I did a back home workout with Rocky IV playing on the TV. Workout was great. Short and sweet. Cable one arm lawnmowers, Two arm cable rows, Wide grip pull ups, close grip reverse pull ups; 6-10 reps, 3 sets, 20 minutes. Shoulder training was as intense in the morning: Wide grip Military presses, Close grip front presses, Seated rear Delt flyes; 6-10 reps, 3 sets, 20minutes. I can honestly say that these 4 gym sessions have started making a difference in my physique. I see it. I'm getting buffer. All it took was 2 days to jump start it. I can see myself progressing day by day. WHY AM I SO FRUSTRATED AND ANNOYED!? I SHOULD REJOICE! Plus all of you guys are supporting me. BIGTIME. With amazing motivating comments, messages, even phone calls. People I don't know just popping in for Kudos... I should be energized like crazy! By the way, my veins are starting to show! Very good sign. Hopefully by Halloween they will ornate the massive and cut frame I'll be at.

By the way, was supposed to take a 30minute nap yesterday after work and I slept 3 HOURS and SKIPPED MY YUNIS SESSION! I'm gonna have to eat the same diet still till Tuesday morning. To be honest, I'm kinda sick and tired with the open fish! 10 days with the same menu ... That's a bit annoying.

OK! I HAVE TO STOP ALL OF MY WHINING AND FIND A SOLUTION! Whiners are wieners! Time spent wishing in time lost. I'm gonna have some open Digestive/honey nap for a couple, take a shower, then see where I'm at. At that point all I'd need would be some Rocky IV tunes (maybe Milos could give me a kick out of all the blood, sweat and tears of Leg training... that'd be great!)

I'll update you guys tomorrow. Thanks so much for listening/reading about all the whining. I needed to let it out and confide. No pictures in this post. Written today, for readers and very intimate followers,  not skimmers. Thanks again. Any advice on other methods to psyche myself up, I'd be grateful. :)

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