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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DAY 35: WEEK 5: Progress & Haters

At 89.5kgs, I'm definitely not chiseled, but I'd be wasting time if I didn't stop the fat loss and packed up some muscle.

Hey guys, I m back!
After 4 days of rubbing and gulping down anti-inflammatory "Airtal" and taking Panadol, it seems that things are back on track and I can train again. By the way, I tried hitting the gym 2 days ago but it really fucked me up! I couldn't breathe, pain came back so quickly that I decided to follow what the doctor said – walla he knows what he's talking about!

In all cases, here I am. I got very frustrated these 4 days, knowing that the date was approaching and there was nothing I could do about it, so I took tiny strolls with Karly just to keep my conscience in check. Plus I stuck to Rick's diet to the letter to keep on dropping off some weight and removing the fat.
It didn't need that much training anymore to bulk up the packs, they're just buried down there under a layer of fat, nothing a little diet can't help – and it did. There they are. No need to chisel them down even more for now since I'm gonna have to bulk up as not to look like a skinny ass hippie or a sick anorexic model.
Now it's time to bring out the big guns and lift crazy weight like there's no tomorrow!
Remember, if I'd known that P90x didn't bulk up but just toned and ripped, I would've started with the weight lifting first, but I gotta work with what I have right now. You know the plan now, I decided to follow program 1 for just this week to get my gymming morale up and running again (plus I need a break for the P90x which is downright nerve wrecking), and started off today morning with Biceps/Triceps.

Here's what I did: Supersets to keep metabolism and intensity high: Barbell Curls with Z-bar Skull crushers; Incline Dumbbell curls with Close-grip triceps presses; Hammer Curls with Kick backs, all 7 to 10 reps, approx. 30minutes.

Had a box of Digestive Light with Honey and Juice for energy, then fueled up afterwards on Cell tech and a blend of True mass with Procomplex (2 scoops;1/2 scoop for 45grams of protein and around 40grams of carbs – not to forget the 70g of dextrose in the cell tech for direct recovery) – If this all sounds like Gibberish to you don't hesitate to ask me about it. I'll have another shake after the 2nd training but only Procomplex which doesn't contain any carbs.

Am having a lovely fish fillet and shrimp now with vegetables for lunch.

I have Chest workout tonight after work. I'll let you know about it tomorrow.

Alrighty! By the way, I'm gonna post the meals I've been having soon, I've collected some pictures so you can have an idea what to do in case you want to follow the diet.

Oh yeah! Something happened yesterday that really put me upbeat! I was back-stabbed by a "friend". When inquiring on why it happened, here's bits of what I got:
"you think you have all the time in the world to run with your dog in the morning" and you're "so egocentric to want to train every day!" and "min mfakkar 7alak (who do you think you are?) the center of the world" ... So at first of course I was completely torn, especially the person talking was someone I completely respected and loved; a lot of self doubt came onto me... Then I figured, I'm progressing like crazy, I haven't disrespected anyone, I haven't been an exhibitionist but was careful in documenting the progress in such an objective pictorial manner...  I don't feel I've done anything wrong. Actually, I've been getting a lot of positive reinforcement and questions of people following the diet and training... I feel that I'm giving something out apart from progressing – and that was another point in the blog. But then I realized, all of those weren't even a reason to get stabbed in the back or even disrespected... That was pure hate or jealousy coming out of that person. I could see it, hear it loud and clear. This means I'm doing something. I'm making waves. I'm progressing. And it's so tangible that some people are getting pissed about it! So ... I guess I'm on the right track!

So let's all say to haters: "Thank you for the extra Fuel! Just keep it coming!" :)

Training starts again, and I'm gonna take it up a notch! ;)


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