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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DAY 27: Eureka Fat burning & Muscle buiding discoveries

Look at them. I'd rather know what THEY do to keep fit.
Let me tell you what's been going down. I feel that for the past 3-4 days, since after day 23 that my body is literally getting tired. And yes I do believe in rest, but I also believe in strategically getting someplace instead of exhausting oneself; without having a really studied plan that would have your body crash midway you can't really get to your goal can you. You need to know your MIND's limitations as well as your bodies'.

Two things I've discovered yesterday:
1. it would be much easier to chop down the fat by doing high intensity cardio than by walking/light jogging. Although I would consume less calories, I would peak up my metabolism for more calorie burning during the whole day. Automatically, I would have much more rest for my legs to recover, I'll be more fit and prepared for the rest of the workouts, and Karly would still have some fun running like mad instead of simply walking around with me. Football athletes prepare for their seasons by intensely working out but also by having one running session a week where they run for 300 yards, 3 to 5 times, then jog in between for double the time it took them for each go; and just do one other fun 30 minute jog for their second cardio workout. That doesn't mean they don't burn like crazy in their other training sessions, but they know that one or maybe two intensity runs are far off better than exhausting oneself every day. As I told you before, the body needs to recover, and we want to get a Sprinter's body right? Not a Marathoner's.
I was wondering about American Football Player's bodies and realized that if there's someone doing something right in terms of building bodies for strength and speed it's them. Here's an article I found about a sample training regimen. And that's another one if you're plain mental – I don't truly agree with it but it's worth checking out the other side of the spectrum. The guys are monsters. Now THAT's a Spartan training.

2. I've been getting hungry in between meals and I've been just taking spoonfuls of honey. I know Yunis said I should indulge from time to time but I don't know how much this is affecting my weightloss ... I'm following the diet to the letter but I'm also taking the "open food" literally...
I'm not sure if it's just me but I don't feel I'm recovering as fast as having some extra protein thrown in. I'm going to include an extra pure Whey protein shake to the mix. That should help recovery and even gains.

Hmmm voila.
Apart from that I did actually jog 8K with Karly yesterday – Nike+ does get you to do things you might not wanna ... However, waiting for sara all the way till 8:30 to train made me start a movie and delay our Kempo training till 9:30... by that time we were both exhausted and called it a night... Not a very spartan move, I'm gonna do it today though (Day 28). Yes we're on WEEK 4 today and I'll post where I'm at tomorrow so expect that.
It's double time today, Kempo and I'm also starting off the recovery week of Phase1 in P90x: Yoga X with Jean and Milos. This week will all be a series of core exercises and stretching to prepare me for Phase2 of the training, coming next week. Can't wait! this week will do me good as I recover and will help me dive into Phase 2 Lock and Loaded!

No Haouus today.
I simply don't feel like a Spartan. Not even a foot soldier or even Ephialtes – at least he did train and tried his best. There's some extra effort in me that I can juice out. I'm just not doing it. No matter what guys, if you're reading, please, when you feel I'm starting to lose hope for this challenge (if that happens) or not putting effort enough, I'd really appreciate some morale boosting message or something. Enough said. That won't happen. Hopefully. NO IT WON'T HAPPEN!

Whatever happened to No Retreat, No Surrender?!

Yalla I'm outta here. Gonna Kempo X it and shake that stupid doubt off.


(maybe even said in a Powerpuff voice. I don't care! They fight too and they're awesome!)

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