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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DAY 6: Crocs betrayal & Jump Training Kaboozle

My crocs, dripping pure EVIL!
I woke up sore. Shoulders/Arms did indeed exhaust me. I yet got out of bed and took Karly out. As we started walking, I felt the soreness of my body. Would I be able to go the distance today? I kept on going and turned on my ipod just willing to walk as much as could. No more no less. Besides, walking never killed anyone...
To my surprise, we ended up walking till Sofil from Jeitawi, then went down to Gemmayze and continued on straight till, you guessed it, Downtown! Yet again, "Tubthumping" came on and I picked up the pace. A friend of mine saw me and stopped in disbelief: why on earth are you walking that early? I filled him in on the project all proud. He was dumbstruck. I was very proud and picked up the pace yet again. Oh how much I love "Tubthumping"! We then took Mar Mikhael and went back all the way to Jeitawi. Karly was exhausted. So was I. My feet kinda hurt, something wasn't right. But I didn't give it any extra thought and went on with my day.

By the way, remember what I had told you on yesterday about supplementation? Well, I couldn't resist. Went to good old First Nutrition and got myself an Animal Pack multi-vitamin AND the NO-XPLODE! Yes, I know I said I would go without it, but if I really intended to "Bring it" the way P90X suggests, I had to start to try and boost my energy as much as I can. Don't forget, I'm on a high protein diet and I'm reducing carbs and fats as little as none for the next 4 to 5 days.

It was then time to train. 8PM. Plyometrics X, or simply "Jump training", day 2 of the P90X program. The most intense fat burning session of the training apparently. It required me to wear a heart monitor watch to follow my heart rate and make sure it's at the fat burning stage (around 145 bpm). Well I didn't have one and played it by ear.
Let me summerize to you what happened in 2 words: I DIED! It was the hardest workout I've ever done. A combination of tire jumps, frog squats, jumping jack squats, alternating jumping lunges ... a collection of extremely exhausting jumping exercises all crammed in one hour that passes so slow, you might cry for your mommy to come and save you. It was HELL and I loved it at first, until my sugar dropped and I started chugging Gatorade to "replenish my electrolytes"; whatever that means. At some point though, I noticed I couldn't jump anymore. Not because of my legs getting sore – which they were –, but because of my feet. Both my big toes to be specific. Crocs had caused them, because I tried to disguise my intense jogs in the mornings as simple strolls by not wearing proper running shoes: I had blisters!THEY GAVE ME BLISTERS!!!

All hope was gone. I couldn't jump; but I fought through it till the end. Like a true warrior! 

And it's official. I had never seen that much sweat come out of my body and soak all my clothes (check the vid). I got excited and felt awesome.

But the excitement didn't last, because 10 minutes after the training, I started getting hot flashes and BIG-TIME nausea. I kept on walking in the house and sipping some water, but I couldn't control it. I figured some cold yogurt might be good for me. BIG MISTAKE! I puked it all out again. The nausea kept going way past my bedtime, till 2:40 AM... I had to wake up the next day, at 7:15 AM sharp, where a 70 pound dog was gonna do his utmost to force me out of bed, and take him for a one-hour-walk.


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  1. Wahahahahahahaha the video is the funniest thing on Earth.
    'Aaah I can't believe that' <--- woohoohoohoohooo
    Excellent work with the elastic shoe thing at the beginning of the post (I don't know its name sorry).