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Thursday, September 2, 2010

DAY 7: Rome wasn't built in a day/The Crazy Faraya project

Soreness caught up with me today. I couldn't run. The blisters didn't help either. I still got out of bed at 7:15 and ended up walking up till Sodeco, via Mar Mitr and Sassine; and back. It took about an hour. I didn't jog of course, didn't powerwalk, I just walked. At some instances though, with the Inception soundtrack running, I ended up pretending I was in a dream and imagined crazy buildings and weird happenings/creatures around from time to time. When the track "Mombassa" came on – fastest song on the soundtrack – I happened to be walking up to Sassine, which gave me a tiny boost and made me pick up the pace. I think I was literally walking like a cartoon grandma but in my head, as long as Karly was getting his excercise and I'm wasn't throwing the towel, all was fine and dandy.

I had to solve the blister problem, so I directly head to Dr.Scholl supposing they would solve it. All I got is an antiperspirant spray – yes my feet sweat like crazy.  And you would suppose, after you saw the video yesterday, that I usually sweat like crazy ... or is it the grueling training? Anyway, I needed to make these stupid blisters vanish so I went to Berty pharmacy, where I was told I had "Athelete's Foot". DAMN YOU CROOOCS (zoom out, top view dramatic slow-mo angle)!!!  I was given a cream (Lamicil) to rub on my toes for the next 2 weeks.  I hope that'll work.

By the way, while in the shower, I was thinking about endurance and how a couple of months ago, a 20 minute walk would exhaust me and how I can fast walk/jog for an hour (on a normal, not sore day) now. I wondered how far I could take this? I'm now crossing Achrafieh in the mornings, getting even to Downtown and Hotel Dieu... so I thought, could I walk up to Faraya one day? From Jeitawi!? I bet it would be an amazing adventure and I had the perfect guy to ask: Toufic Rizkallah, all-sports, Triathlon extraordinaire. And that's what I did! He loved the idea and decided to join! But he pointed out that it wasn't an easy task at all. He pulled out his calculator. Achrafieh to Faraya is around 45kms! If we walked at around 6 kms/hour, it would take us around 7 something hours non-stop; which makes it impossible for us to leave in the morning. We'd have to wake up even earlier, probably at around 2 AM to get there at around noon. Plus, half of the journey is uphill walking! We would need some serious conditioning before and the correct gear to pull the feat. Which also means that I'd need to get running shoes that are on the other side of the spectrum from my Evil Crocs! Protein shakes, carbs ... proper nutrition and supplementation are crucial – to handle all the lactic acid produced in our muscles while we do it.
On top of that, I'm pretty sure Karly wouldn't be able to join the adventure, since he's still young and his bones are still growing. I think it would exhaust him and might even contribute in heightening hip dysplasia risks. It's too bad, it would've been great!  But I'll check with the vet anyways. 
In all cases, I wouldn't dream of doing this anytime soon. It is too EXTREME. I'll ease into it and prepare for it. I'll keep you posted. Found these sites in the mean time: 1  2

WHAT IF I DO THE WALK, IN A FUNNY SUIT?! A PENGUIN SUIT FOR WINTER?! OR A BANANA SUIT!! That would make things much more fun! Gotta wait till it's colder though...  ANYONE IN!? It can be a "run for Sparta marathon" and we can all dress up as Spartans, and girls in Bikinis or anything! euuh ... Mooooving oooon... seriously. Moving on.

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you! I should've said this in the beginning of the post!
I NOW WEIGH 91.5kgs! I DROPPED 5kgs in 7days – I started the diet 4 days ago! HELL YEAH! I'll post a tiny summary of the diet soon for anyone who's interested – Lynn :)

Once again, the time came for P90X. It was Chest/Back, so mainly a combination of push-ups and pull-ups and then Ab Ripper X, the program feared by John Laham as he pointed out – I think mine would be Polymetrics X. I was a bit afraid of the whole nausea/vomiting thing that happened on DAY 6 to happen again. It turns out, I didn't really get exhausted; not because of not getting tired, but not being able to push up more than 15, then 12, then 8, 7, 5, going down till 3; and pull up more that 4. I had to bend my knees and do girly girl push ups, and use a chair for pulls. I felt so puny. All these years of bodybuilding and here I am. A wimp. The girl in the video doing up to 35 push ups/20 pull ups a set was pissing the hell out of me. I really felt Emasculated which made me take much more breaks than I should and actually get somewhat demoralized. At the end of the training though, and it was as if he had read my mind, Tony Horton said: "for you guys who are on the 1st or 2nd week of this training, don't tear yourselves up for not being able to do what we're doing. You should've seen these guys (Apolonian men and Athenian woman in the video) 90 days ago". Then what he added next made me stand up again and continue all the way through the Ab Ripper X training, and give not my all, but 80%, which is already great:

"Rome wasn't built in a day".

...I couldn't sleep till 2:3- AM . I felt completely dehydrated all night and needed to drink sips of the 2 liter water bottle I was holding in my right hand as I lay in my "sleep-fast position" (on left side with right leg on top of side pillow and left hand under main upper pillow, with legs open wide) . By the time I dozed off, the bottle was empty.

We're still on Day 7.



  1. Yay! Looking forward to reading the summary and starting the diet :P and congrats for the weight loss! Keep going! :)

  2. Oh this is interesting. I once mused over walking to Tyre and back, three years ago. Then I gave up on it and I insist now on holding to giving up (long story why).

    It's interesting that you have a sleep-fast position. I thought that I was the only person on Earth with this great invention.