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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DAY 19: Common Knowledge Rediscovered

Walks became boring now that Karly and my endurance got way better. The problem was that my shins were still hurting me and I couldn't even light jog – EVEN with the coolest songs on my playlist. I had always thought that track and field or marathon running were pointless sports. I mean ... "Running? That's not a sport! Running is what people do when they actually play a sport like soccer or basketball or whatever." But now I desperately wanted to sprint anywhere my legs could take me – as long as I had Karly running by my side – to explore locations that seemed so far barely a month ago but now became so easily accessible.

No running with no shins
We couldn't get tired! So we kept on walking much longer than we should've. We left home at 7:15 and came back at 9:45 not realizing that 2 hours had passed! Jeitawi, Mar Mitr, Sodeco, Bechara El Khoury, then Lycee, Sassine and back. Walking was easy. I couldn't feel any burn in my legs or fatigue – Karly got a bit thirsty but that was it. I stumbled upon Maria, a designer friend of mine, on my way back. She thought Karly was cute/pretty but too big and couldn't help but get scared of him, which I still don't get since he's a complete sweetheart.
Maria informed me of something that made my day: she had been following the blog and enjoying it and her friend even thought that I was actually starting to look like Leonidas! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! Actually I don't really know if she's talking about the face or the body. It doesn't matter cause I'm taking it as positively as she might have meant it!

For lean muscle building. It's weird how impressed I was by Ronnie's physique
Karly and I returned home. As I wrote a post about the day before – which took more time than expected because of the excessive drama that happened – some thoughts I had started to mature: What direction to take the diet in, some ideas about how to solve the whole consti... issue. My next step then was to go went straight to Hamra to get Myoplex and Cell tech as I felt it was the best way to solve my fatigue issue while keeping the diet going. Apparently GNC was out of Myoplex so checked out the First Nutrition store. They had Cell Tech and I got something called True Mass (instead of Myo). Mind you, both these products contain a huge amount of carbs and sugars which the salesman pointed out directly when I explained my goals to him. The solution was to blend 2/3rds True Mass with 20grams of another shake I was using that was solely protein. As for Cell-Tech, I decided to go with half the portion suggested to keep recovery going without adding too much sugars directly; I'll up the dose as the training intensifies even more! Another decision I took was to consume around 200 grams of carbs a day, which amounts to a bowl of wheat bran corn flakes, a loaf of Oat Bran bread and whatever shake portions I mentioned before. 200grams (1gram per pound of bodyweight) is ideal for a cutting phase, since it still provides some energy for the body to work with. Notice the carbs I'm eating are whole grain – which releases energy slowly and keeps you satiated much longer than processed grain and white carbs (white bread, white pasta, bananas...).

The next step was to get more weights for the shoulders and arm training – but I then decided to keep it for the next day, since the sports shop (Mike Sport) demanded a detour. In all cases, I was going to do Kempo X again, but totally dominate it this time.

Rocky, Tomtom and Cole. My childhood heroes.
The night came and I was so hyped up. I put some "preliminary Rocky music" to pump me up even more, then entered my fictional arena. I fought well that night. Killed so many villains that I lost count. I made Bruce Lee voices, Jason Scott Lee voices, Schwarzy voices, Ninja Turtle voices, onomatopoeias... you name it. I was back in 5th grade and 3 Ninjas was my favorite movie again. Kempo X was a BLAST! I was so pumped up I continued with the Ab Ripper X – while also playing fetch with Karly, which made the training even harder (really, I'm not kidding).

I WAS BACK ON TRACK. IT WAS ALL ABOUT NUTRITION AND GOOD NIGHT SLEEP. My shins were starting to heal too. Things were looking up!

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