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Friday, September 17, 2010

DAY 22: I collapse

Yes ... well ... It was about time. Day 21 was here and it was all Peaches 'n Cream. Not really. It was pretty hellish and fun. But my body was still coping with the training and lack of carbs and fat.

Nothing grand to report:
I was exhausted all day to say the least, got the flu and slept all afternoon. Couldn't budge. It's good I happened to work in the morning instead of running with K, which didn't hinder my working hours. It was Chest/Back day and I didn't know whether to train or call it a day. I ended up taking a break. I was sick, I needed it. Actually I made it a point to go out and do something. I don't know why exactly but I was drawn to Waterlemon. Guys, this place has AMAAAZING salads and juices.

Chicken/Halloumi salad
Salmon fillet salad

Sara and I ordered a salmon salad and a chicken halloumi salad and split them half half. It was a salad RAMPAGE! I loved it! I'm not usually a salad person but they were ridiculously good. You should check them out.

Kiwi/Strawberry/Melon/Peach juice
 Also, I followed a fruit freak's advice (yes, it's Amine Helou, if you were wondering – aka "Kiwi Man") and mixed peach, strawberry, melon and kiwi. To my surprise, It made great tasting juice! Even the waiter was weirded out when I made the order and suggested I choose something else... hehe.

All in all, one should rest. It's good for recovery and gets you even stronger for next day workout.

There is Honor in rest. It's important; so... HAOUU!

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  1. Waterlemon is the bomb, hugest salads with the best ingredients. And the Salmon Fillet Salad is just 18000LL, my favorite ingredients in one single ENORMOUS salad! Wise choice Karsouny ;)

    Get well soon bro, see you on Monday.