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For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I decided that the difference between Day 1 and Day 3 (when I started taking the daily pictures doesn't really differ anymore now that the progress has leaped completely.

Here we are after 50 days, with 10 days total of rest because of the stupid chab'it hawa (or "muscle inflammation/lesion" caused by air conditioning as different doctors call it).

Without further ado, here's the progress 10 days prior to the big night.  

the extra weight training gave shaped to the shoulders pretty well, especially since the last 2 weeks with the heavy weights and low reps.
NO. It's not blown up on purpose, stop saying that. We're on day 3 here and I'm trying to be as accurate as possible. Hey, check out the man boobs in the 1st one! :D
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I CANT BELIEVE I WAS THAT FAT! Actually I also can't believe my back looks that slim :)
Beard is still growing, I gotta trim it right when the time comes to get the Spartan shape
A bit more muscular than week 5 because of higher weights and lower reps and obviously less cardio.
same posture as 10 days ago yet 3 kgs lighter. Muscle mass remained because of the high protein intake, however, Fat dropped by lowering carbs and the caloric intake.

I guess I should start also working on the costume now. I'll update you tomorrow on the plan. Gotta pull both off well to have a complete Leonidas.
I was thinking of attending the Donner Sang Compter fund raiser for Halloween. It's for a good cause, Yorgui Tayrouz has saved so many lives with his NGO, providing donors in case someone needs blood. He's definitely making a difference and I want to support him. Blood and Leonidas do go together don't they? Lame BAD joke! ARGH! I suggest you to do the same if you don't have anything planned. Actually guys, let's all meet up and really make something out of this Halloween night. I've been working on it for the past 53 days and would really love the culmination of all that effort to be one FANTASTIC NIGHT! I'd love it if you all showed dressed amazingly in any costume, as long as it's worked on and fun! (you could also come as Spartans so we can have ourselves an army. That would be friggin' awesome! 

Let me know what you think. 

I'm off! Lots to do between work, training, blogging and now the costume!? It's gonna be one hell of a stretch! No worries, I can handle it ;)



  1. dude, you'd lots of determination + focus! =)

  2. WHOOHOOOOOO! You go man!! wow. walla it's impressive. looking at the rest of the posts, you make it look easy

  3. bravo. c est fou. TU es FOU!

  4. W.O.W.

    Bravo man!!! GO SPARRRTAAAAAA!!!!

  5. how come we didn't know about this before?!

    This blog rocks! i m starting to read it from scratch. it wouldve been great to follow your daily posts since day one!

    all the best!! ONLY 10 DAYS!!

    shit i have to start thinking of my costume ;P

  6. Awesome!
    Congrats on your achievement!

  7. This is super cool, Michel. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see photos from your epic Halloween 2010.

  8. this is quite possibly the coolest thing i've seen in a longlong time. the level of epic rock-ness contained in your endeavors if beyond words. seriously. you are a bad ass.

  9. Wow! so cool!
    I love Halloween... so i get how you're so into it :)

    Can't wait to see the end result :)

  10. hey guys thanks so much for all the great comments. costume pictures will be posted very soon! :)

  11. Dear Michel,

    I visited your blog a week ago and didn't stop reading. I'm on post 17 now and am still in awe with your determined spirit and unbreakable motivation. You pushed me to start training again. Hopefully I can be as strong willed as you are with your endeavor and follow your footsteps.

    Don't stop training after Halloween, don't lose all you've worked on. My collegues at work and I are all following you and would love it if you kept writing.

    You have indeed gained our Respect,

    Take care my friend,

    You deserve to called a Spartan.

  12. From one 300 junkie to another...

    This is so epic!! I bow to your discipline. I hope you don't stop the blog after Halloween, it's a really good inspiration to others. I can't wait to see the finished result.

    In my mind...you ARE King Leonidas! Fuck Gerard Butler, you're our King now. ^_^

  13. Seconded! all you need now is a Harem. I d post an invitation if i were you ;)

  14. baddé jassadak! you became so much hottER! m coming for you. i bet all the women are gonna be. ;x

  15. it s fun to be anonymous huh? you know "other anonymous", I actually wanted to hint at what you said too. Michel. Us, the girls are coming for you. We re hunting you down. you don't know it yet but we might approach you not as slutty girls but as girly girls. you woulnt be able to tell the difference. B**** in sheeps clothing. ;)

  16. o.0 ... i dont even know what to answer to all of this... :)
    Mistress and Muscle Junkie: Thank you. sincerely. I'm gonna think about the whole blogging thing. i didnt know it was gonna turn out that way .. it was just meant to be goofy and fun at first, to share and keep me going... :)

    anonymouses: ... gotta watch my back i guess

    thanks all for the comments and for following.
    gonna go back to my costume building now. I ll update you in just a bit.

  17. Dude, you're great!

    I like your determination!

    Greetings from Holland,

  18. Dude Congrats !!! you totally deserved it.
    I salute you, King Michael ...