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For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

D-0. DAY 0. THIS IS IT. TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!!! / Costume preparation sneak peaks


ok. so i m really sorry guys i couldnt blog before about this. Would you believe me if I said that all of this is a TAD hectic?! :D I was supposed to take off from work today but duty called. It's been a marathon to work on the costume as well. I decided that everything should be done at home as it should be. No buying a costume. no ordering one from the internet and especially NO OUTSOURCING to a fashion designer which will add "épaulettes" to the costume and become non-faithful to the original design. The base of course were pictures of Leonidas at different angles, AND (my favorite) MY 12" Leonidas Collectible 'who' always sits on my book shelf, on top of my computer, reminding me to never give up and keep on thriving.

It was an honor to have as my main helper: Aida Karsouny, my mom; who's had so much experience with my previous halloween costumes from when I was 3 to 10 years of age. She personally sewed me a Ninja Turtles Michelangelo costume, a Disney's Robin Hood costume, a Shere Khan costume, a brilliant Bumblebee costume which made me win a competition (Karsounys have always been competitive ;) – I'm gonna reveal to you a secret... people thought I was a BEE when I won the competition, ergo, a girl... not proud to say this but I had my hair covered, and since Michel also sounds like MICHELLE, people didn't pick up the slight difference in shape at age 7... :)

ANYWHO... so here I am. I'm actually completely dressed up. (written on friday) Not gonna show you everything today, but rather the process. Am gonna party like craaaazy at Chocolate, "document the night" – and the booze and craziness – and show you the final tomorrow(today)!!
I look at myself in the mirror as I add the bruises and scrapes. I actually have a ripped body. 65 days exactly after this blog has started. I've come a LOOONG way since these 2 short months. Pushed myself as hard as I could and I've even had. Went to the hospital more than I'd like to admit. Made very good friends, chitchatted with very nice and interesting people all around the world, simply by sitting behind my computer and by putting my every single day out there.

Guys, thank you so much for the great comments. I can't thank you enough. We're at 19000 views now and the blog has featured in blogs in based Brazil, Germany, France, Kuwait, Malaysia, Russia, China, the US, Canada and other countries. The bloggers helped out BIGTIME in spreading the word about the blog.

You know, we were having a discussion a friend and I yesterday, it went something like this:
- so whatever happened to your spartan army? People are gonna come dressed up as Spartans to the party?
- dude... I don't think so cause I mean, I wouldn't have dressed up half naked with my beer belly 2 months ago and not everyone of my friends have 6 packs...
- yeah well not everyone can stare at a Fondant au Chocolat or any other desert without DEVOURING IT eventually ...

That put a smile on my face but I realized something: THERE IS NO WAY I could've gone all the way without you. Without having to open a blank post on the blog every day and pounding away for an hour about my every thought and plans on the project. It was about my ego, about saying something and doing it, all the way, no matter what; it's about keeping a promise and not breaking it.

I've had something similar with a client and a close friend last December. I was really under pressure and had promised to design her something; then, after trying a hell lot, I had realized that I wasn't qualified/trained enough for that kind of project. And after a LOT of reluctance, I had to discontinue working and admit to her that I couldn't do it – and obviously felt really bad about it. Secretly, this blog has somewhat also been a way to make things straight with myself. To prove to myself that I won't settle and stop trying until I get to what I said I would get to. That I would keep a promise.
I know that person is reading what I'm writing and following closely because I know how much she cares about me and respect me – like I do. If you're reading R, I hope I proved myself to you and showed you that I'm not the kind of person that backs away from things. I really miss you and feel like an idiot to have cut contact with you. I will call you soon and would love to hang out. Till then, Happy Halloween... I DID IT!! :D

Check out later's posts for the COSTUME, final progress will be posted in the coming days.
By the way, I'm gonna be on national TV today (saturday 30th) on MTV's "Log In" with Philip Yacoub at 6:00PM to talk about the whole experience. Check me out.

Now me go PARTYYYYYYY!!!!! (that was said yesterday. :) update you in a bit!)




  2. Congratulations on your attitude, a very interesting idea for your blog and it really inspired me a lot to change my own health and get the body I always wanted.

    I'm anxious to see how was the end result, say the costume and your new body.

    Hugs from Brazil.
    Keep up the blog!