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Sunday, September 26, 2010

DAY 31: WENT TO THE E.R. EXPECTING A HEART ATTACK! (+ next 32 days' program figured out)

OK so I've got good news and some bad news.
The good news is that I figured stuff out! As I mentioned yesterday - during my "crisis" - P90x was burning a lot of calories and had a lot of cardio workouts in it. Plus don't forget that I'm running/jogging/walking with Mr.Karly in the mornings to calm him down somewhat... So that's a hell lot of fat burning and muscle withering. Stumbled upon a couple of articles and asked a couple of proffesionals and that's what I got:
- I should tone cardio down to the minimum. So no Ploymetrics, no Kempo, just maybe simple 30 minute powerwalks which would work out Karly as well.
- I SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY go lift weights at the gym and work on 6 to 10 reps for mass. Not long exhausting sessions, just high intensity, quick sessions to work on muscle and burn the least calories possible - will leave that for peaking my metabolism which will burn fat 24/7.
- Interval Running would work out for my advantage provided I only do that once or twice a week. However, would it be necessary if I hit the gym 3 times a week and keep on doing P90x, hitting muscle groups twice a week each? Not sure.
-By keeping the P90x intense body workouts in the program along with the gym sessions, I'd be making sure to work all the muscles' fibers, and even target different angles for maximum growth and aesthetics.

Jotted all of those down and ended up with 2 alternatives with the help of Coach Elie Abi Rached aka "COACH CHAOS"
Program 1: 
Monday: P90x Back/Biceps - Ab Ripper X
Tuesday: P90x Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Wednesday: P90x Back/Legs
Thursday: AM: Biceps/ Triceps  PM: Chest - Ab Ripper X
Friday: AM: Back   PM: Shoulders
Saturday: Legs - Ab Ripper X (or some Ab program I come up with)
Sunday: Stretching

Program 2: 

Monday: P90x Back/Biceps - Ab Ripper X

Tuesday: AM:Chest   PM:Shoulders/Triceps
Wednesday: P90x Back/Legs

Thursday: Back/Biceps (wed's Back/Legs is usually not that intense) - Ab Ripper X
Friday: P90x Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Saturday: Legs - Ab Ripper X (or some Ab program I come up with)
Sunday: Stretching

Gym workouts would start off as 10-12 reps the 1st week, then 10-8, 4-6, then 6-8 for the last week, as to gradually let the muscle get used to the pressure of the weights again. I'll work 3 excercies and 3 sets per excercise per muscle group.
All days would normally have a 30 minute powerwalk/light jog to keep the cardio going but on a toned down pace.
I'm not sure of keeping Yoga or Kempo ... I MIGHT replace the jogging with them but am still not sure.

So it seems I got things figured out!

Here's the bad news though: All day long yesterday I couldn't take deep breaths and had deep chest pains on my left side. Things got to the worse today when I decided I was better and went for a run. My left hand got numb and I was nauseous. I expected the worse: "a heart ATTACK"?! (check symptoms here) At least that's what the internet made it clear when I jot the symptoms down as soon as I got back. I had to rush to the ER scared shitless and apparently "extremely pale"!! Guys, ALWAYS listen to your moms! Turns out I had been parading around in Air conditioning after workouts and seem to have gotten a severe muscle inflammation (chab'it hawa) on my left side (chest, shoulders, triceps).Anyways, doctor's ordered me to take 4 days off training to recover... I'm under anti-inflamatory medicine now ... pfff! SO I'm not sure what's gonna happen till then. I'm so tempted to try somthing but I'm in pain and it would be more "rational" to rest it off. I hope things get better asap. I need to get back to training! GRRRR! Let's thank God it wasn't a heart attack. That sounds plain ridiculous anyways - but imagine that would've happened! Crazy! Especially that it crossed my mind for a good 10 minutes! ARGHHH!!!

Anyways, I'll keep you posted guys.

HAOUUU i guess ... 

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