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Monday, September 6, 2010

DAY 10: The Little Merman / Legs and Back Madness!

Karly hasn't been waking me up as punctually as before - or is it the fact that I'm getting so tired that  my body is shutting down regardless of anything that happens around. I woke up at 9:15!! yes you read right. I mean granted it was a Saturday, but we didn't even go out the night before (Roadsters to eat plain chicken with ketchup doesn't really count, plus it wasn't that late...

Anywhowho, Sara was with me so I decided to force her out of bed and take her with us on one of our legendary strolls. We didn't run like the wind this time. We simply walked as well. Sara hadn't done ANY kind of physical excercise for a while. I don't get how her body still looks so stunning with all the eating she's done with me ever since we got together - I usually get my girlfriends fat and that's a fact of life. We just took Jeitawi, sekke, mar mikhael (without confronting any dogs), gemmayze, saify and back - no worries, that's just another day for me now ;P

I started thinking of finding a way to include sara in the training. If I'd figure out a way to get her more toned than she actually is, YAOUUUUZA! That should be my new secret masterplan. "It would be good for your back baby and it will help your posture ... blablabla... I'm not a creative director for nothing you know - granted all what I said was true. No bullshit. I don't know how to do it to save my life! I think it might work!

Swam like a Fish
No, like a Dolphin
We came back home soaking wet, exhausted. It was a saturday and Sara needed to unwind. We decided to go to the beach and called Anis who met us in Marina Debayeh. By the way, the only reason why I got excited to go fry in the sun was actually so I could try on my new goggles and test my newfound endurance. I HAD A BLAST! I swam like a dolphin and I donno if it was because of the salty water of the pool which makes you float easier, or because of my exhuberance, or just because I accidentally bought magic goggles which "Speedos" you up (wow! I didn't know how lame I could get with these Jamhour jokes! Suck on THAT Nadim Khoueir!). Anis and Sara got pretty annoyed, especially by me interrupting the conversation every 2-3 minutes to either swim back and forth, or make weird figures under the water oh so happily with my nose blocker! LIKE A DOLPHIN!! I'M TELLIN' YA!! NAY!! LIKE A MERMAAAAN!!

NO! Just NO! (Anis should be crying by now)
At some point I got hungry, but I could't find anything decent to eat, so we ended up going to Crepaway where I had a splendid RAAARE steak with 2 sunny side up eggs. I figured out a way to convince the waiter to replace my veggies and fries with the eggs and not use butter to fry them (they must have Tefal or something) by pretending to be a boxer who wanted to drop weight for an international competition. It was really fun, I had elaborated a whole training program, with a fictional gym and trainers. I needed to off the weight to end up in a lower category and not get my ass handed to me by a bunch of supermen. It's so weird how I can manage to pull that off, play a part, and not be able to lie... How does that work? Isn't acting lying? Or was it the thrill of creation? Relying on pure imagination and creating a character out of thin air? Beats me...
Side note: along with the steak and eggs, I gobbled down FIVE diet coke refills!! IS THAT NORMAL!!? I'm getting addicted to aspartame and find it GLORIOUS!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

And now was P90X time! LEGS AND BACK! It was time to die!!
Sara joined in! "Would I be able to pull it off? I'm gonna puke again and not sleep!" I thought to myself. Don't forget that we walked for an hour and a half AND I swam like a maniac! But yes. I ended up completing the training! ALL THE WAY! Sara did half an hour, very respectable for a first time, and fainted on the couch. I was so happy to finish the training and endure it all the way, but then, suddenly, came in writing on the screen: "AB RIPPER X"! THE TRAINING WASN'T OVER!! BUT ... I DID IT ANYWAYS!

There was so much nausea, but so much exhaustion too. I passed out as soon as I got to my bed and after I ate 400g of ASBEH !!


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