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Friday, September 24, 2010

DAY 29: MA GHETTO GYM!! / Nike+ in action / Improve your swimming (for people who sink like ROCKS)

Yeah so DAY 29 was a GREAT day! Very motivational! Straight after I posted the month's progress, you guys went wild! I received great messages and comments from people which really flattered me. I'm gonna share an excerpt of one of them that really put a gigantic smile on my face. Here goes:

"...just sending you a quick message regarding the diet and your hilarious 300 parody blog!
As a former dieter, bodybuilding enthusiast and former chubby kid (by chubby I mean at one point during my youth I was over 115kg), I know how difficult it is!! Your blog actually inspires me to restart my health, wellbeing and fitness journey coz it’s been on “Pause” for the last couple of months, and I’ve gained 6 kg, totalling to 91kg and over 16% BF. Last month I was in Beirut and that didn’t help either!
I really appreciate the fact you are posting this online, and sharing it with the world literally! This puts tremendous pressure on you to remain faithful to your goals, as the world is watching you achieve the “impossible”. The latest pictures are truly impressive!

Congratulations regarding your inspirational blog and good luck on this journey!
300 for ever :-D

Cheers and all the best!"

Coach Bechara, my real version of "Mick" in Rocky
Another one is from my old bodybuilding Coach Bechara Abboud from the Olympic Gym:
"keep the progress, u made me proud of u!!!! amazing" which brings me back to the old grueling gym days and revived this "camaraderie" we all had in his gym to motivate and help out each other.

Guys seriously back to what I was saying, Thank you for the comments and morale uplift! That's what the blog was originally for and it's working!! :D

By the way, if you were wondering about Olympic Gym or actually if you're into changing your body dramatically and are serious about it, this place is what I definitely suggest!
Remids me of Animal Pack adds. That's what a true gym should look like – a true Ghetto Gym – not a pretty polished and laminated tralala center where people socialize and waste time.

Training late hours at age 19 – 2nd year uni – I miss my old body! :(

Olympic gym for me is a REAL bodybuilder's haven; where determination and no none-sense training is very palpable; Where people want to get fit or huge, but are so serious and intense in their training that it motivated the hell out of me and got me to bulk up in my school and college days from 78 to around 91kgs. This gym made me discover that it's never about the gear, but about the motivation, the plan and the support you get – that's what kept me coming back to Olympic for 7 years! Plus you could train with your shirt off and yell and shout as many wuzzé things as you want like "ALLA MA3O!"(God is with you), "EH WA7ECH!"(come on monster), "CHHHIIIIIL"(push) and other animal names that suggest strength like "BAGHEL"(mule), "DOBA3"(hyena), "TOR"(bull)... to be use ONLY and I quote the annoyed coach here "when women aren't around".
I used to do boxing there too with my friend and old gym buddy and eloquent Design Extraordinaire Tariq Ayass – our design teachers used to think we were freaks when we used to run from lower campus to Bliss House and back down during our 15minute break to gobble down a chicken fillet burger WITH DOUBLE MEAT (I kept nagging till Bliss House added the "double meat" option! It became an extra 2500LL on the Burger! WORRTHHH ITTT! :D). We used to STUFF our faces to get our meal in our stomachs before break was over! Hahahaha! Great memories!

Ok so now about the training. Karly woke me up at 6:20 because I didn't take him out very late the day before, so I pretty much threw clothes on me and went down for a supposedly 2 minute walk. However! Mr.Karly behaved like such an adorable and well behaved gentleman, waiting for me after I took him off leash, not running after cats and just looking so cute, that I decided to reward him and ran all the way back home, put on my jogging clothes, my Lunargliders – and might I add Hell yeah! – and took off for a what was supposed to be walk. Took the ipod just to monitor the run but didn't put any music to bond with my pup who was jumping around all happily! We pulled off 5K. Fast walking, light jogging... It was annoying to know how much distance was remaining because I kinda toned down the spontaneity of the run, but on the other hand, I knew precisely how much I walked and it made me make some loops around the neighborhood to get to an even 5K. A women with a Cali accent comes out in the end: "Congratulations, you've achieved your 5K goal!" WHOHOOOO! Did it in 55 minutes and burned 420 calories... now I know for next time... :)
Nikeplus.com and my run stats! Pretty cool :D
The P90x workout was supposed to be Core Synergistics (I finally got there Laham ;) but well ... to be honest ... I got somewhat scared by the training preview ... uhum ... So I decided to swim instead and have some fun with it whilst I procrastinate, instead of facing the fear and just pressing play. Pathetic.
Milos got very excited when I told him and we ended up at the pool at 6. Milo's plan was for us to do 1.8K. He has a specific program that's not only crawl but right hand alone, then left hand, no legs at some point, then no legs with hand flippers ... etc.
Remember when I sank like a rock last month? Well this time was much better, my endurance picked up. After incessant comes and goes though, I finally realized what my N1 problem in swimming was: overdoing it when it came to breathe. Milos of course helped me improve my swimming Crawl technique (called also "Freestyle") and taught me to extend my arms and to pace myself. The "trick" though, in transforming swimming into something as casual as jogging is simply knowing how to pace and organize your breathing! FINALLY! Turns out my "Oasis de Mont La Salle" collective swimming class coach didn't help AT ALL! Heh... Whatever... now I know. I went back home and decided to research a bit more on the topic, and here's a post I found – that was part of a thread on this link.

"There are a couple of classic crawl mistakes that people do, and this is doubly true if the person is already fit for some reason. The transition from running to swimming isn't as easy as it seems and we recently discussed this in AskMe. You may be a bit winded as you get your breathing and ryhthm down. My apologies if any of this is too basic. I am not any sort of instructor or anything so this is just from my own experience.

1. make sure you are making yourself as narrow as possible in the water so you can move forward. Your stroke is not as much pulling you through the water as it is parting the water so you can propel your narrowed self through it. Try to have your hands entering the water almost above your head and stroking down and around yourself. Do't bring your arms UP too far above you when you bring them out of the water. If your legs are hanging down, try to pull them up so you're as level as you can be at the top of the water. The faster you can go forward, the easier this will be.

2. breathing is the hardest thing to get used to. being good at the crawl is mainly about breath control. You'll have to figure out whether you're better at breathing every stroke, fourth stroke or sixth stroke. This rhythm will help you figure out how much to breathe. I got into a rhythm where I'd breathe, stroke three times and then breathe again on the fourth stroke. Each other stroke I took I was blowing air out, so it went

breathe in

stroke/puff out
stroke/puff out
stroke/puff out
breathe in

3. make sure you don't take your head out of the water too far to breathe because this violates rule #1. I usually try to sor of aim my chin towards my armpit and breathe with my mouth just about level with the top of the water. Sometimes you get some water in your mouth but you rarely breathe it in. Currents and waves are *really* going to complicate this since you can't quite judge when it's an okay time to breathe in, on the other hand the salt water should be making it so your much more bouyant, so I'm wondering what the problem is there.

It took me about six months of regular swimming before I felt that swimming the crawl wasn't tiring, but it was only a few weeks before I could swim up and back without getting so tired I had to stop. Lastly consider going to a pool and asking for some pointers. It's been said around here before that there's a real difference between people who really learn swimming as kids and grow up with it, and people who have to teach themselves as adults. Someone who is a competent and capable swimmer about be able to look at what you're doing and determine if you're doing something wrong or if you just need more practice.

I also found a very interesting video on youtube from the Youtube channel Evanscoaching that provides also Running and Biking coaching and tips.

I'm gonna try to apply those tips next time I go swimming and will fill you on the details. ;)

I'm going to Ricardo Yunis today(DAY 30) to check up on the Fat level (and weight) progress. I'll post the results tomorrow – and the meals I've been having this week in the Diet section.

Till then, 


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