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Friday, August 27, 2010

DAY 2: Milos

Today was a full string of meetings! craazy! I felt a bit tired though in the afternoon, especially that Mr.Karly, as he's been doing for the past month and a half, wakes me up every morning at 07:15(SHARP!) to go out on our daily 30min-to-an-hour-walk-stroll-or-run depending on how we feel that day (how I feel that day).

Today made me realize that dieting can be reinforced by planning what you're eating during the day and never falling in the trap of stringing meetings without eating before hand or without having a contingency plan.  The BIG, HUUUUGE mistake that happened was hither: I was sitting with the client, actively listening and conversing and I suddenly started feeling a hunger that came soooo down the pit of my tummy that I started salivating. PLUS I KNEW WHAT I WANTED: FALAFEL SAHYOUN – which conveniently was simply facing the building where the meeting was held.

Gerard Butler before and after 300...I'll post mine soon for comparison.
Now what do you think I did as an aspiring Sandwi... SPARTAN!? I off course immediately left the building and head toward my car and went straight home and drank a protein shake.
I dragged my collegue who wanted to brief me over another project TO SAHYOUN and ate NOT ONE, NOT TWO!! ... actually yes... TWO FALAFEL SANDWISHES!!! (ribb el 7ar in one of them MYYY FAVORITE, extra tomatoes and semi cold falafels so you can savor them and not burn your tongue! of course eaten along with hot pepper. Didn't drink anything though! No soft drinks, no ayran! NOTHING! HAOUUU! HAOUUU!! ;)

Ok I so call Milos and I'm already really late. Punctual as always (and quite robotic) as he is, Milos was simply waiting for me to call him (!), having told me that he was going at 5:30PM he assumed I was coming... WOW. I mean people usually call to confim no?! Not Milos! I guess he is actually living in Spartan time... In all cases, his body really gives the impression that he does.

Let's cut to the chase: we get there and Milos explains his program:
It is devised in 4 Stages:
1. 10 tours de piste/full track = 2kms
2. 4 super-sets of pull ups and push ups
3. 1 km of swimming
4. sit ups (i don't recall how much cause i simply didnt end up doing them)

STAGE 1: Jogging
I managed to jog the 2kms – thank to the 1 1/2 month training with Karly already
but I felt the falafels calling on to me and warning me not to over do it – you know what might have happened ... :D

STAGE 2: pull ups/push ups
Let s say I ... SUCKED. I realized I had no strength left, especially to lift ~96kgs. I couldn't lift myself at first then managed to complete 3 pull ups (DONT TELL ANYONE). Milos suggested at that point that I shouldn't hit the gym for a whole month and do cardio and focus on my diet instead, so I can remove the fat layer and then start over again. Haven't decided on anything yet...

STAGE 3: Swimming
I couldn't control my breathing at first and to be honest didn't really like the idea, but I went with it. Got a cramp in my left pectoral toward the end and I stopped. Milos enjoyed the whole swimming process. His body had actually changed from the last time I saw it, he doesn't look like a bodybuilder anymore, he has a more natural look and feels healthier... I still feel like he's the stiff type, it felt awkward seeing him swim but he sticks to his plans usually. I bet he'll turn into a fish eventually.

There was no STAGE 4 but something hit me while I asked Milos on how he programmed his days and what hobbies he has. "Work, then Sports" he said. Which kinda brings me back to my "one thing at a time" post. Milos is the perfect example of someone who fulfills his goals by focusing on one endeavor at a time.

The same realization came on to me once again: maybe I need to trim the fat, figuratively speaking and focus only on a couple of goals instead of:
0. spending quality time with karly & sara
1. working on the the konstrukt
2. playing guitar
3. doing sports/Dine in hell project
4. dieting
5. painting
6. working on the comic
7. the persona i'm developing (u ll know about this later in "BLEH!")
8. the voice over business
9. blogging
10. something i forgot to mention
11. ...

But the question is

ARRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH! ^!&*(@)_$!^#%&!^#()@!_#)@()@

I know at least that DineInHell is priority for the next 2 months...

Alas, I leave you for now my friends,


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  1. I presume that the haou haou thing has to do with 300?

    It's amazing. I thought that I had a problem with wanting too many things at the same time. 10 things plus? Goodness gracious.

    But you know, Derrida as I understood him says that the decision is all there is, not the desire that made it. Only decisions are only what we wind up executing.