Why Dine In Hell: The Reason behind the Madness

For people who missed last year's challenge, understand how it all started this by reading this preliminairy post.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

DAY 4: Call of the wild and unfortunate slip-ups!

So Day 4 was really special, both in positive and negative ways.
First of all comes the great run I had with Karly. I never was a cardio person. I really hate it still, but when I'm with Karly, my dog, my companion, my best friend and pseudo-son (I'm just saying pseudo so you don't bash me, but you know I mean son), the whole idea of going out changes.

First of all I try not to take myself very seriously when I go on walks with Karly. I still do call them walks, strolls, etc... and still wear Crocks in my feet so I don't let myself think that I'm working too hard... I'm just having fun... and we've had some crazy fun on this "walk".
First of all, I ran all the way down from Jeitawi to Mar Mikhael using the fact that there's a downhill road and putting some exciting music ("I got a feelin'" by the Black Eyed Peas) that pushes me to up the tempo. And all of the sudden, I heard aggressive barking. A pack of 6 dogs appeared in front of us. My first reaction was to try to protect Karly so I ran back trying to get him on the hood of a car. But then I figured, what the fuck should I be scared of?! I'm a 96kg boulder with a massive german shepherd dog – who granted is still a 10month puppy and is getting still acquainted to the environment but who gives a shit?! I turned back and started yelling at them and moving toward them. They were startled and actually backed away then ran. I was so proud of our pack that I started running very energetically. What the FUCK just happened?!

As we joined the highway, I got even more excited, I felt Karly smiling at me and we both bolted, running all the way to Hotel Dieu (I can't believe it either). Then we took an inside road passing through the Seryan neighborhood and to my surprise, we actually got attacked again by YET ANOTHER PACK!! They were more aggressive but I kept my reserve. The only way to not get attacked and get pass them is to face them dead on! Karly had started to back away, but I stood my ground. Then, within a split second, started running toward them and; here's where Patrick Samaha would slap himself in dis-belief: started BARKING at them from the top of my lungs!! I didn't realize what I was doing but it looked like it was working. The dogs turned back and ran. I really felt like Achrafieh's Alpha...dog. All was amazing. A new memory and adventure just got engraved in our relationship history. We then went up to Sioufi and back down to Jeitawi – an hour of fun and adventure, and hopefully some fat loss!

As the day continued, other positive things happened. I researched P90x and it felt as if I found the answer on what training I should do. The program looks like it's definitely worth trying.

Here are a couple examples of P90X that I found on youtube.

The only problem was that I needed to ship the program from the U.S. and the torrent files were humongous so there was no way to download them!
Fortunately, facebook solved the problem. All I had to do was post: "Looking for P90X if anyone has it or know where to get it here!!" and 15 minutes later, an old friend from university, Anis Sfeir,noticed my post on facebook and contacted me directly: HE HAS THEM! :D

I'm picking them up tomorrow (DAY 5) and going to finally start my workout.

Now let's talk about the negative happenings.
Guys, I ... slipped. I broke the diet.
I have a problem that should definitely solve. I problem that had developed out of working late, exhausting myself, getting angry and depressed over handing IMPOSSIBLE design dues on time. I started resorting to food as a release. I really real one, but a really SHORT LIVED ONE.
As Anis (another friend – and brilliant lawyer btw) always says: "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips"; and my hips prove what fucked up junk I gobbled down last winter!

It really wasn't even worth it. I was just pissed.
First, I ate a McDonalds plain Hamburger in the afternoon after I got into some stupid argument with someone (I can't name him/her because I promised not to! hahaha! I was like: "I can't believe you made me do this! This is soooo going in my blog!"). Not to get too pissed at myself, I didn't have fries or coke with it. I should keep a Digestive pack with me at all times... as if I have the patience to do that. I'll see.
Then I indulged in some chips and salsa AND a Strawberry Margarita short glass at night in Gemmayze. What an amazing start to a diet! In all cases, I need to come up with a tad more organized diet than just eating less carbs, not eating chocolate and stopping soft drinks all together. I'll post that soon.

Coach Josh before and after his transformation with P90X
Can't wait to start P90X tomorrow! I discovered this blog that a P90x fan (Coach Josh) is working on. It looks pretty interesting and gives good insight on P90x training, tips and articles, on one topic: the site name plain it says it: "how to get ripped". I'm definitely checking it out in detail.

Talk to you tomorrow!