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Sunday, August 29, 2010

DAY 3: Some self-discipline

Hey guys,

So things had been pretty calm. I kinda procrastinated by channeling my energy into working on the blog and figuring out some stupid .css stuff? .php? or whatever they call it. Turns out it's not as hard as one would imagine, just common sense I guess. Got me to design the base of the blog and work on the "THE HORROR" slide show – a collection of fat pictures of me – which would provide me with some leverage to get back to training or NOT gulp down a whole chocolate cake topped with succulent fudge when my mom tries to "help out" with the diet. Nevertheless ... the blog, the easy part, took the whole morning and the only training I did was do some cardio at 7:15 :(

I also compiled a tiny collection of inspirational pictures to reinforce my goal. Following the logic behind "THE HORROR", this slide show would push me to walle3a and build momentum.

Two good – nay, GREAT (trying to keep very positive) – things happened:
1. I stumbled upon the classic Chumbawumba tune Tubthumping ("I get knocked down blablabla") while taking my morning stroll with Karly and oua izzz (suddenly), I started gettin in the groove. Here I am running like the wind Forest Gump style. Karly picked up on the energy and went wild as well. I kept the tune looping. My pack of two was traveling in unison, across Jeitawi. We went all the way down to Mar Mikhael and back up. The whole run took 30 minutes. Karly and I were FLOORED! I feel I'm starting to get used to running, which can really help with the training. I should definitely have an inspirational music playlist to train. It's craaazy how your mood completely changes and how full of energy you become with an upbeat compilation. I should compile one ASAP (any suggestions please let me know!).

2. I unconsciously started picking up a tiny tiny part of my old diet with Doc Ricardo Yunis which helped me drop around 8kgs in a month last year. And that's where my "tiny bit of self-discipline" kicked in. The Konstrukt was supposed to project its stunning portfolio and have a live drawing/painting session in The Beirut Groove Collective Goes Wild event in Hammana Luna Park, but we didn't end up going because of how massive the crowd was! There wasn't enough space to place the table, projectors and screens! Actually that was a relief because I'm pretty sure I would've chugged a "couple" of drinks. But Fouad, Chris, Sara and I decided to get creative and place the projector in the new studio-to-be which is still empty. We ended up playing some wii (5mins) – after it took us 2hours to transport and hook up the sound system/dvd – and watch South Park. I'm drifting a bit just to paint a picture. Tell me, what type of food usually comes with that kind of chillage? Pizza? Roadsters? B2B? Well everyone ordered Chopsticks! Deep-friiiiiied, topped-with–amaaazing–sauuuce–and–loooots-o'-rice CHOPSTICKS!! ...
I didn't order ANYTHING! AND didn't "try" any of the ordered food – except for one tiny rice ball (steamed, doesn't count)!!  The next step is to again, put up a rough diet plan. Or contact Ricardo again? Now that would be REALLY Spartan since it is a crazy diet – but gets you incredible results. I'm scared and not ready for it yet! (yes! I'm not Leonidas yet and can be scared, so fuck off!)

Another thing's on my mind though. I still haven't decided on a fixed training program(!). I'm thinking of getting P90X products (and check out preview) but don't know anyone that's coming back from the States and the stupid torrent file size is 90GB (it would take me till Christmas to download with our great internet connection in Leb!!! I also have another compound training program I can go for, or follow Coach CHAOS's
program (who I gotta quote, said "P90X is for pussies!") or just hit the gym and go all FLEX magazine all over again... Can't lose more time! Gotta choose!! I just don't wanna buff up anymore. Just cut the hell out of what I got. (and ACTUALLY train).

MONDAY!! (?)



  1. I see that the repetition of the blood stain is a designed thing, but its designed-ness is not that obvious to the uninformed viewer, so this one thing I would fix in the design.

    Apart from that, wow, Arial? Gorgeous. How post-modernist, in a way. This is guts.

  2. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. The Horror and Inspiration things are pretty brave. In my head I have such slide shows, too, though the Horror in my case is how skinny I am.